Implement effective performance appraisal phrases on time management to help workers respect time

Time management is very vital to every employee in knowing how to utilize it for a more productive workplace. It is important for every employee to learn to meet deadlines, manage the schedule given to him, balance work and private life making time management a very crucial skill to have. Supervisors ought to give a positive feedback about time management to encourage their employees to remain time conscious for better time management.

Positive time management phrases

  • Rachel is always early every day fully prepared to handle her responsibilities.
  • Jim is reliable and always shows up on time in every meeting.
  • Heather always makes sure that tea breaks and lunch breaks are strictly adhered to.
  • Bruce has been loyal to keep the company standards for punctuality and attendance.
  • Kevin begins his day promptly ready to handle any challenges that come his way.
  • Julia's attention to punctuality has paid off this year; she has been a consistent worker.
  • Jim is one os our most reliable employee when it comes to punctuality. He always arrives on time and leaves on time. He has set a high standard for attendance and punctuality.
  • Greg schedules his time well in advance.
  • Jimmy starts all his meetings on time and ends them on time.
  • Jennifer always meets his deadlines with all his projects.
  • Tim is always dependable and reliable to keep time and deliver within the set deadlines.
  • Joe is thoughtful of others when scheduling time off.
  • Lilly is always willing to out in long hours to get the job done.
  • Kim is a very trustworthy employee and very timely.
  • Bill is always prompt at the start of each work day.
  • Kelly manages his team well, and they all report an excellent attendance score, they are always on time every day, everywhere.
  • Lenny sets standards for every schedule by remaining consistent even when running a tight ship.
  • Kylie works well with plans set for her and manages to deliver work that is assigned to her.
  • Bill is strict with time and keeps his team under schedule and task all the time.
  • Phil works on his program without any complaint.
  • Lyle schedule all her meetings with appropriate notice and maintains a great working schedule every day of the year.
  • Paula is such a strong performer and maintains a real timetable.
  • Timothy has a good attendance program and does not deviate from the standard attendance policy.
  • We have no complaint about Mercy, she is always on time and does everything thoroughly.