Maintain a healthy and effective communication with your employees using these 20 performance appraisal comments.

Top 20 Performance appraisal phrases: Communication to employees

Communication is always one of the most integral components that shapes up the organizational culture or the organizational behavior. It is important that communication between the employees is clear and thorough. It is also important for the manager to be able to appraise the employees’ communication skills to acknowledge or motivate to employees maintain a high quality of communication. The performance appraisal is a very crucial for some of the organizations. The performance of the employees is analyzed, and moreover, the managers and co-workers get a chance to share their comments.

If the performance appraisal is adequate, it will gradually help their personal skills and help their organization grow in the future. For a manager, if the evaluation is useful, the employees are more motivated to work and provide their full efforts for the organization.

Following are some of the performance appraisal comments that could be used by the managers for the employees:

Communication to Employees – Positive Appraisal review phrases

Sally has excellent written and verbal skills.

John’s experience in the industry is evident in his outstanding communication skills.

Ben is always keen to provide his team members with all the critical updates.

Jenny is to communicate with and a trustworthy person.

William can communicate difficult and complex messages natural language.

Polly is excellent at communicating with her employees.

Kim is a very skilled communicator among his group.

James can connect with his peers.

Allen is a competent communicator.

Jim successfully communicates his expectations to the co-workers.

Mark excels in conducting practical discussion sessions for his group.

Kyle is social and can connect with his managers and subordinates.

Communication to Employees – Negative Appraisal review phrases

The job description requires more communication and initiation from Adam’s side.

John has not been able to create an open environment in his project’s team members.

Ron needs to improve his language skills to be able to compete in the industry.

Ian is not very adept at communicating verbally with his subordinates and workers.

Reynolds has failed to achieve consensus at several times among his group members.

Frank lacks the ability to communicate his message clearly and more efficiently.

Carl has failed to conduct result-oriented meetings in the last few months.

Ben should be able to communicate his team goals and plans more clearly and more efficiently.

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