Find out the top 25 employee comments on self-evaluation that you can use.

Top 25 employee comments on self evaluation

In most organizations, employees are required to conduct a self-evaluation. This is the most challenging task as quoted by many employees. Most wonder the amount of detail they have to offer in the self-evaluation process. To ensure that your self –evaluation grasps all the elements the employer is looking for, you should use proper comments based on each competency. Below are some of the employee comments on self-evaluation:

Teamwork competencies

  1. In the past quarter, I have developed my teamwork skills by first taking a course on team building. I have learned a lot from the training, and I intend practicing it in the organization.
  2. Last year, I have served on three teams and completed critical tasks with the team members successfully.
  3. I have served as team leader of Corporate Social Responsibility task force in the past six months.
  4. As a team leader, I have always ensured that there is room for all team members to contribute their ideas and perspectives.
  5. Other team members believe that my contribution as the team leader led to the success of the Corporate Social Responsibility task force.

Customer responsiveness

  1. For the four quarters in the past year, I have had an average rating of 88%.
  2. My order error-rate was reported to be 2.4%, which is the lowest any other employee in the department has ever achieved.
  3. In the past 3 months, I processed my orders within 24 hours (average of 17 hours).
  4. I was able to respond to 80% of my customer inquiries within 2 hours whereas the remaining 20% were attended to within 3 hours.
  5. I struggled with dealing with the company’s client at Detroit, but after consulting with my manager, they were able to arrest the situation.


  1. Although most people find it difficult to adapt to changes, I am able to confront workplace dynamics while maintaining quality in my work.
  2. In the past quarter, our department has faced a couple of changes. I have adapted so well to them and have helped co-workers to sail through.
  3. I view change as an opportunity, and I sensitize others to do the same.
  4. I have a problem deviating from a schedule. I plan to work on this area in order to improve my adaptability skills.
  5. During stressful moments, I try my best to maintain composure.


  1. I am always motivated to start work every day. My colleagues say that I influence them too.
  2. To keep my team focused on the goals, I encourage and support them to harbor a positive attitude.
  3. I like being focused on a task until I have completed.
  4. I am always looking forward to learning new things at work.
  5. Sometimes I tend to be more engaged in an assignment that I forget the people around me. I need to improve my communication skills.

Compliance with company’s policies and regulations

  1. I believe that I understand the company’s policies and all that is required of me.
  2. I do my duties within the parameters of the organization’s procedures.
  3. I believe I have a deeper understanding of the company’s mission and vision and I make sure to align my duties with them.
  4. I often work within the standards provided by the manager but sometimes I find it hard to work independently.
  5. Although I work in compliant with the company’s policies, at times my work requires revising to match the requirements.

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