An employment Performance appraisal is a process through which the management uses to evaluate and provide feedback either written or oral on an employee's job performance. Assessments are important to every employee as they proof of their hard work towards the organization leading to a salary increase and promotions for the best employees. The management also advises the employee on how or where to improve their performance creating an avenue for recognition for a job well done.

How to Create a Performance Appraisal Summary
In creating the employee performance appraisal, there are specific steps carried out to ensure equal treatment to all the staff. These specific actions include:

  1. Gather enough basic information about the employee - Review the job description, the goals set, development plans, their previous appraisals, etc. Use these as foundations for evaluating an employee.
  2. Evaluate each discipline to see their progress - In all the information you gather, evaluate each of them to see what they attain.
  3. Prepare a list of the accomplishments - Ensure that the accomplishments are reflecting the entire year, not just a short period.
  4. Make list of areas for development and goals - this is important to remember to do as the next business year will require planning ahead.
  5. Compare with other appraisals - once finished with every employee's file compare them to see who is doing better than the others.

Evaluation Items

  1. Position specific responsibilities - Involves assessing if the employee understands their job description and whether they consistently complete their duties on time.
  2. Goal achievement - Being mandatory for every employee to set achievable goals, this section evaluates how the employee met their goals. Goals assessment allows the management to see if they will continue with the same goals or will issue more challenging ones.
  3. Organizational and interpersonal skills - It helps evaluate how the employee relates to others at the same time how he prioritizes his responsibilities through managing his time. A great team player, Customer satisfaction, Great communication skills, etc. are some of the traits that the management evaluates.
  4. Additional accomplishments and achievements - Any form of training that the employee may have attended that is beneficial to the organization counts as positive remarks to the employee. Any accomplishment or achievement attained by the employee to better his position at work is an addition to the company that they should consider awarding. Appraisals create a deep motivation to employees allowing them to see their hard work and areas to improve on.

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