There are different ways of engaging employees. One of the common approaches used is employee engagement events. These occasions are planned by organizations to bring the employees together for a bonding platform among themselves and between them and the company. Here is a list of employee engagement event ideas every organization should utilize:


  1. Summer parties- Hold a party for the employees during summer in the company
  2. Winter parties- engage the employees through a hiking party
  3. Thanksgiving Party- Throw a party on this day
  4. Halloween party- Enhance your employees Halloween experience by offering costumes or holding an onsite party
  5. Christmas party- invite their families as well

Special days

  1. No uniform- if the employees wear uniforms, give them a day where they can wear their casual clothes
  2. Bring your pet day- Allow employees who own pets to take them to work
  3. Pajama day- You can ask them to wear their pajamas to work on a certain weekend
  4. Come with your child- Give them more time to bond with their children by allowing them to bring their kids to work
  5. Lunch on the company- Treat them to free lunch on certain days

Employee contests, games and tournaments

  1. Pool tournament- Then award best swimmers
  2. Baking Contest- Encourage employees to engage in baking contest in teams
  3. Football League- Make it a routine to hold football league that involves all the departments
  4. 5K races- This can involve all the offices or some of them
  5. Treasure hunt- in the nearby park


  1. Bring an external speaker- Get the best speaker for different departments
  2. Use workshops for training- This enhances collaboration and brainstorming among the employees
  3. Group discussions- Arrange the employees in groups during the training
  4. Team contests- Initiate contests where different teams contest on various issues discussed during the training
  5. Training-fun activities- Enhance morale in the training employees, using fun activities during breaks

Team building activities

  1. Winery Tours- Plan a tour to a local winery
  2. Go-cart racing- Take employees out for a go-cart racing
  3. Laser tag- This is quite an involving but engaging activity your employees will love
  4. Bowling- This is yet another employee engagement event that harnesses teambuilding skills
  5. Hiking- Teams can take part in hiking where there are also treasures to catch

Sport events

  1. Baseball game- Choose a local league that your employees can participate in
  2. Football competition- Those interested in football can take part
  3. Basketball event- You can use the company’s pitch if you have one or use the local one
  4. Marathon event- This event can be coupled with a party where employees, executives and their families interact
  5. Swimming competition- Allow employees to participate in local swimming competitions

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