Learn the top employee engagement ideas that you can fill your employee engagement calendar with.

Employee engagement calendar. Top 30 ideas

In order to be effective, employee engagement needs planning. An employee engagement calendar is often used to outline the engagement activities and events for a month or year. There are several ways of designing an employment calendar. Let’s look at some of the popular engagement calendar ideas.

Recognition programs/events

  1. Team meetings where colleagues appreciate the efforts of other workers.
  2. Plan event for recognition of years of service.
  3. Send thank you cards each month showing them how you appreciate their contributions.
  4. An employee of the month/year award, events.
  5. Recognize and appreciate individual accomplishments or important events.

Social activities

  1. No-email day to encourage interactions among employees.
  2. Team building event where every employee participates.
  3. Host fun games in a common area at particular times.
  4. Have a field day full of outdoor fun activities for all employees especially during summer.
  5. Set time for fun activities that motivate interactions among workers.

Volunteer and philanthropic activities

  1. Volunteer for a few days at a local non-profit organization.
  2. Community involvement day - This will enhance engagement levels.
  3. Paid day off for employees to volunteer in community activities.
  4. Donation day to a nearby community - Employees can be involved in donation events.
  5. Career mentoring to nearby learning institutions.

Professional development activities

  1. Internal training classes every month - These can cover various aspects of organization’s operations and programs.
  2. Employee suggestion/idea program - This will harness creativity and innovation.
  3. Time for offering leadership opportunities for top performers, who are not holding managerial positions.
  4. Job shadowing program where employees can learn from other departments.
  5. Invite employees to take part in at least one training program every year.

Relaxation activities

  1. Set time for hosting yoga and exercises in the office.
  2. Create a flexible work schedule - Creating some days where the employees leave early from work and placing short breaks in between.
  3. A fitness program that is scheduled at certain times of the year.
  4. Plan for day offs of employee’s birthday.
  5. Special treats for employees who work over time.

Motivation activities

  1. Allow days when employees can play music in the office.
  2. Permit employees to bring their dogs or other pets to the office on certain days.
  3. Allow days for casual wear-In most companies, employees wear casual outfits on Fridays.
  4. Random half days for all employees.
  5. Welcome celebration for newly employed persons.

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