Words are adamant! They make or break. They kill or heal. They bring life or death. That's how powerful words are. In the business world, words are imperative. They convey the message between one party to the other. If words are wrong, they hurt people and as we all know hurt people hurt others, and the cycle continues. It is crucial to know what words we ought to speak and where.

The natural point we see great words used in the business world is with awards and certificates. The words on the certificates or awards are keenly written or sculptured to convey a heartfelt message to the recipient. In this case, the recipient is an employee who has done the company product by giving the best of themselves and emerging the best. Words of appreciation are used to express how the company feels towards the hard work.

The wording of every award or certificate must reflect the emotions that the employer wants to express to the employee on behalf of the company. It may look like a piece pf paper but at the end of the day, it is a certified copy of a certificate that you receive as appreciation. The employee of the year wording is well thought out and written down before the presentation day to ensure there is no mistake and if any occurs there is ample time to make amends.

Examples of Appreciation words or phrases used in Certificate wording

Suitable words to use to recognize good performance include: Excellence has no substitutes, May continued success lie ahead of you, For excellent performance, Outstanding leadership and excellence, For continued success and outstanding growth, Congratulations on exceeding your goals, For your dedication and commitment, Recognizing Excellence, Your achievements are truly inspiring, The power of excellence award. The list is endless, and you can choose from hundreds of them to be able to share the best appreciation message with your employees.

These words of appreciation are not necessarily grafted or written on the certificates but also on awards of any type. Get someone who is an expert at it to make sure the end results are good to be presented as a gift. The words given to the employee will surely please them and make them work harder to get more appreciation awards. Words on the award motivate the employee to become self-driven to meet their goals every day.


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