Find out how to appreciate your employees monthly by reading the following Employee month appreciation ideas.

Top 30 Employee Appreciation Month Ideas

Employee recognition is a crucial thing in aiding an organization to achieve its objectives. Appreciation often gives an employee the sense of belonging. Appreciations also show how much the company values the employees thus making the employees more responsible. Appreciation will also help in retaining staff and acts as a key motivator to improve their performance. Employee appreciation month ideas should come in handy in every organization.

After an employee recognition, he tends to do much better and thus improving his performance. Managers, therefore, should often find a way in engaging his employees rather than just paying them off. Appreciation results in harder working employees and loyal employees.  Here are some of the employee appreciation month ideas.


  • Tours-take them out for a monthly adventure
  • Lunch-get them a catered lunch
  • Pizza party- break up the routine and have fun
  • Cake time-kill off the month with a cake
  • Breakfast from the boss- be the main morning waiter
  • Massage- invite a massage therapist in the office
  • Movies-pay off their movie tickets

Working area

  • Swap places-change positions with the employee
  • Furniture-equip the room with modern furniture
  • Flexible hours-encourage them to work when they want to
  • Name the room- call the office after the employee
  • Bring a little life- spice up the new month and add a desk plant to the workspace
  • Put up a calendar- that will add a little fun to the days of the month


  • Trophy-give a reward to the employee of the month
  • Let it go public-publish it to the papers the employee of the month
  • Thank you note- write a monthly note to recognize the employee
  • Bring the motivating factor-let employees carry the pets that motivate them
  • Company magazine- feature the best employee in it
  • Appreciation jar-have all staff writes a note of acknowledgment
  • Monthly random gifts- at the end of the month leave gifts in their desks for appreciation


  • Book a conference- in every month let them attend the conference
  • Create library-where employees will check out to improve skills
  • Training videos-put high performing employees of the month in the video
  • Benchmark-encourage them to benchmark with others
  • Offer training-invest on employees training


  • Compensation- raise their monthly compensation
  • Hold an annual Academy reward-recognize the best employee in the Academy
  • Put up a fantastic office- post the best employee in the office for the month
  • Promotion- promote the employee who deserves promotion
  • Thank you video- post it on youtube and share the video

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