Check our Employee satisfaction survey result action plan template and apply it to see improvements.

Employee satisfaction survey. Results action plan template

After conducting an employee survey, it's necessary to fulfill any promise you make to your employee. Fulfillment will prove your commitment to making the organization have an excellent working relationship. The aim of conducting the study was to determine if your employee feels valued and are satisfied with the current working environment. Employee satisfaction survey results action plan will also show the employees that you value their feedback and the organization is working on the comments.

The employee expects a post action plan after a survey. It's a sign of improvements or changes to the staffs. Employee satisfaction survey results action plan template are available online and can freely be downloaded. You can download a Template that and then modify suit the company’s needs of policy. This Employee satisfaction survey results action plan should assist in building up easy and practical steps. For action plan template to be satisfactory and engaging, it needs to include the following features

Action Plan elements and Sample text

An overview of the focus area

Use a clear and precise description when addressing the Focus area. The sentence given should sound confident.

For example; enhance the good relationship between the executive and the employees so as to build a better working condition and increase trust.


List the purpose that you developed with your team. The aim should be precise and concise. For example, the supervisors are expected to hold regular meetings after two weeks and discuss the progress and satisfaction at the workplace.


Identify how accomplishment or success will be measured. For example, each month the supervisor is expected to handle in forms filled by the employee during the meeting held. The form will indicate the goals reached.


Describe the measures to be taken to achieve an objective. Create a concrete step by step plan. For example,

  • Training offered to both manager and the employee.
  • Updates form to be filled after regular meeting


The support needed for the accomplishment of tasks. For example the number of workers, training, tools, data, materials, etc.

The Due Dates

An action must have a date in which it operates within. For example, execution of all the engagement activities within the firm is due On Feb 28th. The dates should be realistic but aggressive.


A person who will be responsible for each action.

The HR manager is accountable and responsible for the accomplishment of each employee task which is to be handled in before the due day.

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