Use our step by step instruction and sample to write your own salary request letter

Salary request letter sample

It's vexing to wait for your salary having worked for the agreed period. In most cases, employees receive their pay at the end of the month and in the event of any lateness, exhaustion becomes a fundamental problem. In this situation, the employee needs to find a helping tool to address the salary issue. Oral communication is not a right tool to use as it is not effective. A salary request letter is written to inform the employer of the pending salary needs. It is imperative in any business to use a written communication rather than oral as it is easy to file, follow up and refer to it when need be. A salary letter can also be used to request the employer for an increase in the quoted salary. As much as it is considered official to write this letter, you must stay decent and portray your professionalism while addressing this matter. Professionalism makes your employer address that issue well due to the respect he gathers from this letter.

Sample of a salary request letter

Luke Rutherford,
Crow's Dairy Farm
40 Center St.
Canal Winchester, OH 43110

June 12, 2015

Amy Armstrong,
829 Summerhouse St.
Pickerington, OH 43147

Ref: Request for the pending salary for the month of May

Dear Sir,
My name is Amy Armstrong, an employee of your organization in the operations department as the assistant operations manager. I am eligible to receive my salary every end of the month as the contract and the company policy stated. My end of the month is every 28th day of the month. I appreciate the fact that the previous months there has been no problem concerning my pay.

Unfortunately, the salary due to me for the said month - May has not been credited to my account as of today June 12, 2015. Therefore, I am writing to bring this matter to your attention expecting a quick solution to this problem.

I have been patiently waiting for to hear from the Human Resource department concerning the issues causing the delay to no avail. I believe communication is paramount and in this case, I have not been treated right.

Kindly look into this issue personally and see that my salary is credited to my account as soon as possible. I appreciate your assistance and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
Amy Armstrong

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