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Employee Feedback Sample Letter

Feedback is critical to every employee as it motivates and encourages them in a way that nothing else can. The employer needs to learn the value of positive employee feedback. They should be able to tailor their message to suit their employees and the performance goals in their organization. By giving positive feedback, it does not mean that a rebuke or correction should not be mentioned. It says it should be still be delivered in a positive way to ensure the employee is encouraged to become better in future.

Sample of the Employee Feedback letter

Ann Fisher
East Blocks Enterprises,
New York
12th June 2016.

Frida Daniel,
New York

Ref: Appreciation for work well done

Dear Ms. Daniel,

Frida, on behalf of the entire management, it is my joy to let you know that your job for the last nine months on the new Administration account has not gone unnoticed by the Directorate. We can acknowledge it was not an easy assignment to deal with especially it being new, but you always had a great attitude and a genuine concern to find the right solution.

We know you faced a lot of challenge with the newbies on your team that at times both tempers and voices rose, but we understand that you had pressure to see the job completed promptly. From what we have analyzed, there is so much potential in you, and we are confident that you thrive so well under any challenge, and we are sure you can attest to that. Of course, we do not always intend to put you under pressure, but when it comes knocking, then we are assured of quality work from you no matter what.

We are expressing our deep heartfelt gratitude for work well done and delivery before the set deadlines with no errors at all. That was the first assignment that reached the management without errors. We are hoping this is something other departments could borrow a leaf from and come up higher in excellence.

Everyone in the management hopes that you will be the one to set a standard that others can follow. We hope that in future you will partake more accounts with such courage and enthusiasm as you have taken this particular one. Once again, receive our sincere gratitude and keep doing your very best all the time.

Anne Fisher,
East Blocks Enterprises.


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