Understand the critical goals of employee selection to positively impact your organization's recruitment process

6 Important Goals of Employee Selection

Employee selection is the process of putting the right people in the correct position. Each and every time, different organization are faced with a never-ending task of selecting and hiring new employees. The hiring managers are confronted with a difficult task as the job is more repetitive and each and every time the job requirements for a particular position is usually the same.

Employee selection is the most important step in the hiring process. Every employer wants to get the best from the selection process. During a recruitment procedure, the interviewer must set goals of employee selection. Having the goals will prevent the employee from making the wrong decision. Check out the following goals to assist you with the selection process.

  • Find a qualified candidate and fill the position you need filling.

The main aim of an employer is to Select an employee will add value to your company. The departments, teams or committee in the selection process should be acutely aware of the necessary skills that are needed to fill a particular position. They should have questions to assist fish out the right person from a pool of candidate.

  • To determine how far an employee want to achieve

The employer is committed to learning how the employee wants to achieve his goals. During the selection process, the operator will evaluate using the right test whether the candidate has a career and whether he will be willing to stay at the company as he develop his career

  • Conduct a successful interview during the selection process

The team conducting the selection process has an objective of doing successful interview that will assist in choosing the right applicant

  • Reduce the cost

When a company makes a bad choice, they will have to pay for their training, orientation and the person is more likely to cause more damage than the right to the company. More cost may also be incurred if the process has to start over.

  • To meet the legal concerns

The US has the law that governs the companies against the discrimination at the selection process. Any misalignment during the selection process can eventually lead the interviewee to claim discrimination

  • Reduce the turnover rate

Neither does the company wants absenteeism in their firm nor turnover. By selecting the right candidate, more time and capital will be saved. Having your employee all the time will result to increase in the production and maintain a competitive position in your market.

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