Find out the crucial communication skills that teachers need to succeed in the teaching profession.

4 important communication skills for teachers

Teachers are considered the shapers of lives. They are the people whom students spend most of the time with during their education life. Teachers mold students to be all rounded individuals. Teaching is considered an art that involves a combination of knowledge and interpersonal skills. The following are communication skills for teachers that they should possess to ensure that they deliver high-quality teaching to the students so as to get the best out of them. They include a sensor of humor, effective body language, clarity, and excellent presentation.

Sensor of humor

This is an important skill yet very neglected one. A teacher with a good sense of humor helps to make the students more enthusiastic and interested in learning. With humor, the learning experience becomes relaxed and engaging making the students active in participation and this helps promote a success mentality. With a boring teacher, this means the students will not be in a position to grasp the required content thus affecting their results since they will not be active or ready to learn.

Effective Body Language

Body language is an important communication skill that a teacher should possess. It should be backed up by strong verbal skills. This will make the strong to be alert and ready to learn since they will know the content being delivered is of the right quality. The body language and the words should be in line with each other.


A teacher who is clear in his or her speech will be in a better position to deliver content in the right manner and in a way the students can comfortably understand. A teacher who fumbles with words appears not to be sure of what he or she is saying. If the presentation of the content is not clear, the students will not grasp it hence affecting their understanding. Teachers should strive to be clear in the delivery of the content.

Excellent presentation skill

Presentation skill is one of the most important communication skills that is widely advocated. How the teacher will deliver or present the learning content to the students will determine whether they grasp it or not. The mode of delivery should be fun and interactive. Too much note taking makes the lessons boring and excess talking makes students switch off at some point. Teachers should know the mode of delivering their content so that students will be able to grasp it fully and comfortably.

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