Find out the various technical skills that are essential to succeed in the job market

8 basic technical skills examples

If you have ever applied for a managerial position, you might have encountered a requirement that says that the candidates need to have technical skills.  What are technical skills? This is the abilities and the knowledge to carry out certain particular tasks. Here are fundamental technical skills examples:

Numeracy skills

For managers and people working within technological departments, numeracy skills are a must. Other employees also require basic mathematical skills. In a nutshell, the skills should include;

  • Capability to understand and analyze numerical data
  • Ability to use the mathematical information to make sound conclusions and decisions

IT and computer skills

There is no limit to the computer skills that one should have. Actually, while computer skills are just technical skills examples, most people think the phrases indicate the same thing.  They can include:

  • Skills in software such as Word, Excel,
  • Internet
  • Basic IT skills

Attention to detail skills

For most technical jobs and professions, attention to detail is a primary skill.  In such jobs, making errors can be expensive. Being focused on the smallest of details, allow one to be effective in their job and to avoid costly mistakes.

Time management/organization skills

In most cases, technical professions involve large projects. Usually, the projects run over a given time. Therefore, the individual should be in a position to organize the work and carry it out within the set time line. It is crucial to have time management and organization skills to succeed in these jobs.

Teamwork skills

As mentioned earlier, most technical jobs will involve huge projects. These projects require working in teams. The ideas of each member of the team, matter. Therefore, if you are thinking about applying for a technical position, you will have to nurture your teamwork skills.

Project management

Nowadays most recruiters are demanding applicants to technical positions to have project management skills.  Continuous projects characterize the technical professions. To satisfy the requirements of these posts, it would be best if you familiarized yourself with project management. You can take a course to learn the skills.

Information security

In this era of cyber crimes, organizations are trying their best to ensure the safety of their information. Hence, if you are good in using software to guard information, you can be an asset to any organization. 

Cloud computing skills

If you are seeking a job in an IT department, the recruiter may need you to have skills in cloud computing in particular, if the organization uses software as a service (SaaS).

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