Find out the contents and sample of an employee training reimbursement agreement that you can use.

Employee training reimbursement agreement sample

Training employees can be an expensive venture. Nonetheless, it helps to improve their work skills, for better performance. If the employees decide to leave the organization, an employer can demand that they reimburse the training costs. However, this can only be done effectively where there is a well-designed employee training reimbursement agreement. Let’s learn how to make an effective training reimbursement agreement.

Contents of the employee training reimbursement agreement

Declaration between the employer and the employee - This includes at least a sentence depicting that the employee and their employer have entered into an agreement.

Conditions that the agreement will cover or may be enforced

This involves all the conditions under which the agreement will be enforced. For instance, in a case where a company provides training to the employee to enhance their job performance, offered by a third party. Secondly, if the organization gives external training to the employee, hoping that they will remain in it for a certain period. Additionally, this section may also indicate that the employee training reimbursement agreement does not relate to the employment contract. Lastly, a case where the employee is only guaranteed to benefit from training if they agree to remain in the company for a certain time and they agree to reimburse any training costs, should they leave.

Reimbursement plan

Next, the company must outline the reimbursement plan for their employees based on the time they leave the organization, from the time of training completion.

Other constituents

  • Date of termination of the agreement- For example, the agreement is canceled after 2 years after the completion of training or when they terminate employment.
  • Request on the employer by the employee to deduct any compensation to pay for the training expenses.
  • Request by the employee to have their subsequent employer manage the training reimbursement.
  • Agreement to return any materials or devices that are related to the training.
  • Link of the agreement to the state laws in which the company is located.

Employee training reimbursement agreement sample

This employee training reimbursement agreement is entered into by and between International Communication Solutions and (Employee Name).

Whereas, International Communication Solutions has agreed to provide external training to “Employee Name”, which International Communication Solutions believe will help the “employee” to improve their service delivery to its clients;

Whereas, International Communication Solutions is offering such training to “employee” hoping that the “employee” will continue being an employee of the organization for at least (2) years so that it benefits from investing in the employee training;

Whereas, both the International Communication Solutions and the “employee” agrees that this agreement does not constitute the employment contract;

Whereas, the “employee” understands that International Communication Solutions would not offer such training unless “employee” intended to remain an employee of the International Communication Solutions and they agree that they should reimburse any training costs incurred by the company, if the “employee” terminates employment before the 2 years are over after the completion of training.

Now, therefore, considering the premises and the promise outlined below, the “employee” agrees that;

  1. International Communication Solutions intend to offer the following training to “employee” on the date indicated:
  2. If the “employee” terminates their employment contract willingly with International Communication Solutions within the 2 years after the completion date of the training, “employee” agrees to pay back the training costs incurred by International Communication Solutions according to the schedule below:










MONTHS 12-18


MONTHS 18-24



  1. This agreement will be deemed invalid after 2 years, following the completion date of the training or if the “employee” terminates employment.
  2. “Employee” permits International Communication Solutions to deduct the training costs from any compensation that the company owes them by the time they terminate the employment. Promptly the “employee” shall pay the balance.
  3. “Employee” may request that a subsequent employer takes care of the training reimbursement but agree to remain liable until the entire amount is cleared.
  4. “Employee” agrees to sign any documents, requested by the International Communication Solutions to confirm the amount of money they owe the company following notice to terminate employment.
  5. “Employee” agrees to return any materials related to training including catalogs, computer disks, programming key, original certificate and lists.
  6. This agreement shall be interpreted under the state laws where the company is located.
  7. If any part of the agreement is regarded as invalid by a tribunal, such part shall be adjusted or if impossible, it will be deleted and shall not be considered a part of the agreement from there on.

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