Employee training is essential for any organization that intends to equip its employees with necessary skills. However, keeping the records of who has trained, who needs to train, scheduling training and which course to train can be hectic without appropriate software.

Fortunately, there are plenty of employee training database and records software in the market today that you can utilize to make your training record keeping bliss. Some of these include:

http://www.etq.com/employee-training-software/ EtQ

EtQ provides an easy way of scheduling and recording employee training. It is software that manages employee training by tracking employees profiles and scheduling training. The software also manages employee identification and certification. EtQ gets rid of manual processes, centralizes training activities and ensures that training is commensurate with responsibilities. It keeps track of employees’ training and stores their training records.

http://www.intelex.com/products/applications/training-management INTELEX

INTELEX is software that manages employee training, and that enables easy scheduling and reporting on training. It centralizes training data where it can be accessed and managed. The software also allows setting up of groups based on roles, job titles, location or departments and assigning training to the groups. It helps to drive training completion by automatically sending email reminders about overdue or upcoming training to employees and supervisors.

https://www.conductit.com/ Conductor Orchestrating Training

Conductor Orchestrating Training software consolidates training data and enables easy management of employee training and education. The software allows tracking, organizing and assigning employee training. Conductor enables easy access to employee information on their professional development and training, helps in scheduling courses and assigning tests, recording hire dates and attendance as well as filtering reports.

http://www.kzsoftware.com/products/training-manager/ Kaizen Training Manager

Kaizen Training Manager Software is training records database software that helps keep track of employee training records. It consolidates different training records and simplifies the task of compiling compliance reports. The software allows assigning of training to individuals or groups, scheduling and managing class sessions and enrollments and printing of transcripts. It also records attendance, completion or cancellation of training, records hours trained, credits and scores. It can also track training costs, import and export data as well as send reminders via email for class sessions.

http://quickbase.intuit.com/database-applications-for-business/training-software-and-solutions QuickBase Training Software

QuickBase is training management software that enables collecting and sharing of all training information in one place. It provides a customizable solution to employee training that meets the needs of the company. The software allows automation of workflows for the teachers and the team. It has alerts for deadlines, incomplete modules, and tasks. QuickBase has powerful reporting capabilities, and it shows whether the training is effective and details of a particular training class or course.

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