Personal Relationships: Use these examples for setting employee performance goals. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change.

Personal Relationships is the relationship between individuals who have or have had a continuing relationship of any nature either professional or informal.

Personal Relationships: Set Goals for your Employees. Here are some examples:

  • Learn who works best through the phone, email, personal visits, or instant messaging and try to utilize their preferences when communicating with colleagues
  • Conduct business operations with customers and other employees at a time that is convenient for them
  • Go out of one's way to make new employees welcome by showing them how to go about things and offering assistance when they are facing problems with projects
  • Follows up with colleagues after completing a task together in order to know how things are going or if they are facing any problems
  • Always discuss a problem with the person involved instead of discussing it with other employees behind his/her back
  • Keep deadlines and commitments and make sure all affected colleagues know in advance when one is not in a position to meet these commitments
  • Take the time to reward, recognize, thank and specify the contributions of colleagues who have assisted one accomplish a certain task
  • Respect the workplace and how other employees work and avoid making them crazy with own personal habits
  • Understand that every employee is unique in his/her own way and try to dwell on their positive qualities but not on the negative ones
  • Make sure to communicate with other employees and own bosses about company projects on regular basis in order to avoid making mistakes while handling them

Personal Relationships: Improve and master this core skill with these ideas

  • Choose what you value most in your life as a person - Find out what you value most, what matters in your life and what contributes to your growth and happiness will help you in the search for the same things in other people.
  • Interact more with individuals who make you feel good - Both at work and at home, choose to interact more with people who raise your energy levels and helps you remain optimistic all through.
  • Grow your relationships - Relationships need a lot of input to thrive. Nurturing them is not easy and requires efforts and sacrifice to see them develop. Focus on their quality, in particular, to ensure they grow.
  • Give without expecting anything in return - relationships may push us only to give those who can give us something in return. Giving first without expecting anything in return sets you free from holding back. It is important to learn to give not because we want anything in return, but so we can reach others with our giving. If anything ever comes back to you, then count it as a blessing and move on.
  • Keep an open mind - An open mind embraces the good that comes from others allowing you to see the inside of you.

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