Personal Drive: Use these examples for setting employee performance goals. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change.

Personal Drive is a combination of desire and energy in its simplest form directed at achieving a goal in whatever you have set your heart to accomplish.

Personal Drive: Set Goals for your Employees. Here are some examples:

  • Be committed to personal and company goals and go the extra mile to achieve them
  • Help employees and team members meet their goals and suggest ways to make them more valuable to the company
  • Seek constant feedback from colleagues and one's superiors and actively work out strategies to improve the weak areas
  • Learn new ways to deal with difficult situations or setbacks and continue to pursue one's personal goals despite the obstacles
  • Set high but realistic goals and develop strategies to meet them even under high pressure or when facing challenges
  • Actively seek new opportunities to improve oneself and the company and seize them when they occur
  • Learn how to control and respond to one's own emotions in order to avoid causing conflicts in the workplace
  • Actively take part in suggesting new ideas to solve problems in the company, turn the ideas into actions, and actions into results
  • Reward oneself for objectives that have been accomplished successfully in order to feel motivated to work even harder
  • Allow team members to be part of one's planning and problem-solving process

Personal Drive: Improve and master this core skill with these ideas

  • Exceed the expectations by doing more than what is required - Being effective at your place means doing more than just what your work description reads. You will only exceed the expectations when you focus on your job and give it maximum time unlike everyone else who may be waiting to give as minimum time as possible.
  • Embrace work as a team member, not just an employee - You may not have shares n the company, but you are more than just an employee, you are a great team player. If you think of yourself as a great team player who plays a very critical role, then you will embrace your job better. You are part of the company's success and achievement as a team member. Remember corporate prosperity leads to personal success too. By establishing this mindset, you start caring about each detail and dedicating your efforts to achieving a more profound outcome.
  • Share your ideas and speak up - All the brilliant ideas you have within yourself will not see the light of day if you won't share with others. A million great ideas have not meant anything to this world just because those who carried them did not share with anybody. The need for fresh concepts is always there, and companies can do so much better if we share our great ideas with them.
  • Always be ready - Be willing to learn and challenge yourself to tackle new skills that will refine your abilities making you better. This will give you the confidence and knowledge to show more initiative in the current or upcoming projects. Be prepared for all the opportunities ahead of time instead of waiting for opportunities to come so you can prepare. When you prepare ahead, you get a chance to use the acquired competency confidently without wondering if you are doing the right things. It is vital always to be ready for any task assigned.
  • Self-promote yourself - You are the only one who knows how much potential you have inside of you. If you firmly believe in yourself don't accept every criticism you receive - some may come to demoralize you on what you know you can perfectly do. Get yourself a firm foundation so that you can present a different approach for each situation. Promote your ideas depending on the situation at hand and watch them take the company to another level.

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