Discover new employee evaluation phrases that will stimulate your workers to grow the company

Employee evaluation: 34 helpful examples phrases

Your mind can go blank when you have been working on your employee's performance all day long. Running out of nice adjectives, outstanding phrases, and catchy comments is a common case for management as they try to give positive remarks to everybody. Employees feel special when given comments that motivate and encourage them. That's why the management ought to work hard to get more words to use in employee evaluation process. Writing form after form and trying not to repeat yourself is never an easy process. We are here to help you gather enough different phrases for your employees. We have offered you phrases for both positive and negative comments that you can refer to. The positive phrases are for workers who have exceeded expectations and the negative phrases for employees who have a need to improve or are giving an unsatisfactory performance.

Example of phrases for employee evaluation

Attendance and punctuality

Positive phrases

  • Always keeps time in all his appointments.
  • Is in charge of all the staff operations, plans and executes the schedules.
  • Controls the daily schedule and performs all the tasks afforded to him.
  • Always attends fully to his schedule without complaint.
  • Always on time for all meetings and appointments.

Negative review phrases

  • Often late for work and ignores warnings
  • Does not follow up on the attendance policy not withhold it
  • Does not consider weather and traffic factors before leaving home
  • Does not foresee lateness therefore always have excuses

Attitude phrases

Positive phrases

  • Always smiles when working with other co-workers
  • Does not mind showing off positive feelings to the team
  • Never complains about performance of the colleagues
  • Always provides assistance when necessary

Negative phrases

  • Talks badly about others
  • Concentrates on the negative and so is his speech is always
  • Usually talks bad about the management

Communication phrases

Positive phrases

  • Is very prompt in communicating with clients.
  • Has a clear voice that communicates fluently
  • Makes friends easily through clear communication
  • Is very composed and communicates only the info that is authentic

Negative phrases

  • Is not confident with his communication
  • He does not understand the information before passing it on
  • Does do not find an efficient way to communicate effectively
  • Does not know how to analyze information before distributing it.

Cooperation Phrases

Positive phrases

  • Connects individuals together to assist in performing duties more efficiently.
  • Always completes her duties well before the deadline and even helps others.
  • Always cooperates with her coworkers and management
  • Builds a solidarity with other employees that leads to a team spirit.

Negative phrases

  • Is very distant to others refusing to offer help required.
  • Has a bad attitude that makes the employees fear him
  • Refuses to share his work with the teammates.

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