Quality of Work: Use these sample phrases to craft meaningful performance evaluations, drive change and motivate your workforce.

The quality of Work is the value of work or products produced by the employees as well as the work environment they are provided with.

Quality of Work: Exceeds Expectations Phrases

  • Trains employees at all levels about quality in order to make them know that they need to produce quality work regardless of their role in the company
  • Sets up a new employee's initiation program in order to train new workers on quality standards as soon as they start performing their roles
  • Ties the employees' performance to the overall company performance in order to make them feel responsible for producing quality work
  • Gives team members quality goals that are challenging but attainable in order to improve their performance
  • Recognizes and rewards employees who have consistently produced quality work in order to keep them motivated to continue working hard
  • Conducts regular performance reviews of team members to let them identify what they have done well and areas that need improvement
  • Listens to feedback from employees for insights into possible improvements to the existing approaches to quality work
  • Solves issues with the current work and puts effective processes in place to prevent these issues from occurring again
  • Maintains a clear vision statement that communicates the company's core values and standards to both the employees and customers
  • Makes use of the available quality management systems and tools to ensure high work standards

Quality of Work: Meets Expectations Phrases

  • Delegates tasks to employees based on their strengths, weaknesses, and other behavioral styles that could affect the quality of work produced
  • Communicates projects' instructions effectively and asks team members to paraphrase what one has said to make sure that they have understood the concept
  • Creates a recognition program and hands out bonuses in order to show appreciation for employees' hard work and attention to quality standards
  • Organizes training sessions that focus on specific gaps, such as producing error free work, in order to improve employees performance
  • Gives new employees a clear sense of the company's core business strategy as well as an understanding of its products and services
  • Makes sure that all employees know what quality work means to the company and consistently communicates ways to improve work quality
  • Uses the company guideline or the project's/task's specific style guide to measure the quality of the work produced
  • Constantly tracks a project in its early stages to identify and fix errors that could affect the overall quality of the project
  • Sends out surveys and asks clients for feedback in order to identify the clients' needs and work towards providing these needs
  • Avoids micromanaging; gives employees time to think for themselves and brainstorm ideas in order to produce exceptional results

Quality of Work: Needs Improvement Phrases

  • Lets new employees try to do tasks with zero guidance instead of training them the skills they need to do their job
  • Does not allow enough time for tasks which makes one feel overwhelmed and increases chances of errors
  • Fails to monitor a project at its early stages or fix small problems before they become bigger and unsolvable
  • Is reluctant to explain to employees the importance of producing quality work or problems that the company could face if employees continued producing low-quality work
  • Sets unrealistic goals for employees, which kills their energy and motivation to work on the goals
  • Does not recognize employees who constantly produce exceptional work thus makes them feel unappreciated or produce substandard work
  • Does not check the source of data before using it on projects thus sometimes makes serious mistakes
  • Fixes problems in own projects and those of others but does not look for ways to prevent these mistakes from happening again in the future
  • Does not check own work, to make sure that one meets the set quality standards, before submission
  • Delegates tasks to team members without considering their skills, strengths, or weaknesses

Quality of Work: Self Evaluation Questions

  • What are some of the programs you have initiated, if any, to train new employees on the company values and standards?
  • How do you make sure that projects instructions are clear to your team members?
  • Describe the most challenging task you have handled. What made it challenging and what was the quality of work produced?
  • What do you think your company should do to fix some of the most common quality-related issues?
  • How often have you produced low-quality work? What has prevented you from producing high-quality work?
  • How have you made sure that your projects meet the agreed quality standards? What tools or methods have you used?
  • What courses, if any, have you taken to improve the quality of service you give to your customers? How has this benefited your company?
  • How do you help new members of your team cope with the agreed team standards and values?
  • Speed is important to complete work when one is under pressure. How do you make sure to work fast and maintain accuracy at the same time when working on a tight deadline?
  • What are some of the tools that you have used to check for information accuracy before working on it?

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