Apply these useful employee feedback comments to create a habitable working environment

15 useful employee feedback comments to company

Employee feedback is the hub of both personal and professional growth. Feedback from the employee helps in two ways: Improving the company's work methods and improving the management. Workers long to be heard too by management that is ready to learn and adjust their old ways. Employees should be encouraged to provide sincere feedback to the benefit of the company and themselves. If the provide vague feedback, it will not work for anyone and things will remain the same. No matter how bad things are, employees can be taught to deliver precise feedback. The management should also embrace and look into the feedback given to them by their workers to ensure they create a habitable working environment. Companies are advised to allow the employees to go anonymous while undertaking these surveys to allow them to express themselves more openly. Employees who lack words to write out their feedback to the company can look into this list and choose some of the phrases to help them out.

Useful employee feedback to the company

  • My manager takes sides very fast without getting enough information.
  • My supervisor shouts people down and doesn't wait to listen.
  • My boss has absolutely no people skills, and I resolve not to seek help from him unless I have to.
  • Our supervisor is quick to fix problems that look like they are a threat to our workplace.
  • My manager is a good listener who gives you time to explain yourself.
  • My supervisor is not approachable; he is very sarcastic and angry.
  • My team leader looks busy all the time and makes you feel like you are interrupting him all the time.
  • Management is not considerate of our requests especially when it concerns vacation.
  • Our dedication doesn't pay off as the company boss treats us like dirt, calling us names and humiliating us.
  • My manager takes everything we discuss seriously working hard to see it put into action.
  • Our supervisor uses intimidation and threats to communicate to us.
  • I do not trust my manager to fulfill any promise; he has already failed in one too many.
  • My manager does not respect our time off; he still bullies us to come work even when you have taken your annual leave.
  • My supervisor micro-manages each one of us talks down to us and constantly reminds us how life is ugly outside of the company.
  • My manager gives priority to any important matter that is brought to his attention.
  • My manager has refused me leave three consecutive times this year and treated me really bad.

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