Managers often look forward to the company achieving its goals and is, therefore, important to perform an evaluation of performance at least annually which would lead to career development. An appraisal is both advantageous to employers and employees. It aids employees to improve their performance in the job and make decisions in skills they need to develop to achieve their goals and objectives. To employers, appraisal makes them aware of the weaknesses experienced during the working period and hence look forward to improving the working conditions of employees. Concerning this, here are some of the appraisal questions that managers should consider to aid in a performance review.

Employee attitude

  • How do you find the working condition of the company?
  • Are you contented with your job?
  • What skills and expertise are you experienced in more?
  • Which is the most challenging area of your work?
  • How would an element of fun add to your job?
  • What do you think favored you this year?
  • What accomplishments make you proud?

Employee objectives

  • Which is the next position in the company attract your interest?
  • What are your short-term and long-term objectives for the next year?
  • What skills do you need to develop to achieve your goals?
  • How do you plan to achieve your objectives?
  • Do you have the resources you need to achieve your goals?
  • What are your targeted plans with this job?


  • Does the company offer resources required to perform your job?
  • How well does the company motivate employees?
  • Does the company offer adequate training as required by employees?
  • Does the company reward employees accordingly?
  • Does the company offer a favorable working condition?
  • What position do you think the company will be in in the future?
  • What are the weaknesses and strongholds of the firm?


  • Does the manager have any impact in making your job better?
  • How has the manager hindered your job performance?
  • How would the manager help you with your job?
  • What is your high expectation about your manager?
  • What do you think that the manager should do differently next year?
  • How can the manager embrace and be helpful with the teamwork?


  • Does the company embrace and recognize teamwork?
  • How have you contributed to the partnership?
  • What standards do you have in the teamwork?
  • What are the goals the teamwork intends to achieve?
  • Does the organization reward teamwork as expected?
  • Does the team work offer alternative ways to perform a task?

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