As a manager or a professional, the chances are that there is a process you dislike: like giving a review comment. Even if you know the basic words you want to get across to the employee, performance review employee says what to write can be a challenge. As a manager, be self-conscious and specific to what you are going to say. Here is a helpful list that will assist you on what to say during performance reviews.

Communication skills

  • Effectively communicate using the right channel
  • Excellent at facilitating groups' discussion.
  • Always communicate the expectation.
  • Follow the institution rules and policy without any negative reactions.
  • Honest in communication and accountability.


  • Exceed the output standards
  • Display eagerness and ready to produce more than expected.
  • Always up to the specifications and exceeds performance goals
  • Contribution towards the organization goals and success
  • A significant contributor to group activities.

Time management

  • Completes tasks in a timely fashion.
  • Quick at meeting deadlines.
  • Attend all sessions on time
  • Create agendas that help save time.
  • Expertly paces on long-term projects

Organisation skills

  • Exceed the expectation with quality work.
  • Self-discipline at workplace
  • Display social skills and build healthy relations.
  • Quick at his leadership style and offer helping hand.
  • Supervision skills enable the employee to understand their responsibility.

Work habits

  • Exceedingly meet the required quality of works
  • Relate well with others at the workplace. 
  • Avoid making careless mistakes and produce error free work.
  • Dependable and flexible to changes in the work environment.
  • Stay on tasks and require no supervision.

Problem solving

  • Displays quick thinking in problem-solving.
  • Creative in problem-solving solutions.
  • Consistently provides workable solutions
  • Turn the problems into profitable opportunities.
  • Demonstrate excellent analytical skills when solving a problem.

Company goals

  • Highly contribute to meeting the business goal
  • Apparently, execute plans that aid the company to reach its aims.
  • Promotes business vision and support its mission
  • Understand the business goals and work to achieve.
  • Overall job success contributes exceedingly to achieving company's goals


  • Enthusiastic and eager to learn new ideas.
  • Strive to meet their full employment potential.
  • Display a positive outlook and attitude at the workplace.
  • Always ready to work.
  • Committed to continuously learn through training.


  • Adopt new strategies that will help improve on skills
  • Open to ideas that will enhance work skills.
  • Establishes strategies to improve the work competencies.
  • Demonstrate excellent ability to adapt new skills
  • Is continuously planning for improvement.


  • Employee achieves the highest level of performance.
  • He is making progress in the workplace.
  • Exceed the set goals by a wide margin.
  • Has improved production and sales by x%
  • Has established strategies and programs that helped achieve the end of year goals.

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