Evaluation of employees is the determination of the value of your employee or how worth is your employee. It assists the organization to determine the degree of achievement of goals and thus becoming an important aspect of decision making. The evaluation also helps in identifying the areas that need change and improve the employees skills.

The evaluation may also act as a monitor on the performance of the employee and how productive he has been over the years. Managers should evaluate their employees to ensure that the organization runs smoothly. Evaluation will often make employees accountable for their daily activities. Here are some of the employee comments examples on evaluation.


  • He consistently works well under pressure
  • Maintains objectivity in times of conflict
  • He embraces change positively
  • He often finds opportunities that will bring about change
  • Accepts constructive criticism and suggestions
  • Always zero in on a with challenges he finds a way out and deals with it
  • Treats others with kindness and respect
  • His priority is to stay updated

Skills at workplace

  • Conveys a clear understanding and ability to perform jobs assigned efficiently
  • Looks forward to opportunities that will empower him to have new skills
  • He is highly interested in extra training
  • He wants the best for others and equips them with his skills
  • He makes effort to stay up to date
  • He quickly masters new skills

Time management

  • Employee arrives at work timely
  • He completes his work in time
  • He makes the best out of his time
  • The employee plans and organizes his work
  • He spends less time on less important matters and focuses on the real objectives.
  • He establishes appropriate and achievable priorities
  • He meets his deadline appropriately

Decision making

  • Engages all subordinates in decision-making
  • He seeks counsel before making any decision
  • He is cautious of how his decisions will affect his colleagues before coming into conclusion
  • Offers sound judgment before arriving at conclusion of any matter
  • Conveys analytical skills necessary for making any judgments
  • Often makes research to gather information needed to make a critical decision
  • Spends less time or no time to less important matters of his daily job
  • Offers creative and workable solutions to problems
  • He is cautious about assumptions and often never make any assumptions


  • Works consistently hard and earns trust by being dependable
  • He requires less or no supervision
  • Have strong analytical skills that are dependable in decision making.
  • Can be relied upon to work overtime when needed with no complain
  • Always at work on time without being pushed
  • Completes his work precisely on time before leaving for the day
  • He is accountable and responsible throughout the working period
  • Never misses work without appropriate notification

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