It is the duty of the employer to appraise their employees. While the review may seem to be only beneficial to the employee, it is also crucial to the organization. The appraisal given may determine if the employees will remain with the company for long. It might also influence their motivation to work. Hence, it is important to choose the best employee appraisal phrases for communication skills. The evaluation assess the communication abilities of the employees with the feedback ranging from outstanding to poor depending on the performance. Below is a list of meaningful phrases:

Effective Communication of expectations

  1. Poor- is not able to communicate expectations to the subordinates
  2. Needs improvement- Fails to communicate their expectations to colleagues adequately
  3. Meets requirements- Communicates their expectations as required
  4. Exceeds requirements- Besides communicating their expectations, they help the employees to implement their tasks accordingly.
  5. Outstanding- Communicates expectations effectively, ensuring excellent results.

Capability for facilitating group discussions

  1. Poor- Can hardly handle a group discussion.
  2. Needs improvement- Attempts to maintain a group discussion but does not respect others people's opinions.
  3. Meets requirements- Conducts group discussions as per the requirements of the company.
  4. Exceeds requirements- Steers the group in the right way to achieve results in a timely manner.
  5. Outstanding- Excellent in handling group discussions.

Ability for keeping meetings focused

  1. Poor- Holds meetings without aligning them to the set objectives.
  2. Needs improvement- Is focused on meeting the set objectives of the meetings but fails to keep time.
  3. Meets requirements- Ensures that meetings are conducted in line with the objectives and are done in time.
  4. Exceeds requirements- Maintains meetings focused on the set goals while ensuring they produce the desired outcomes.
  5. Outstanding- Effectively keeps meeting glued to the set objectives while producing excellent results.

Lateral, bottom and up communication capabilities

  1. Poor- Their lateral, bottom and up communication is poor. They are not able to communicate in a harmonious manner with their seniors, subordinates or even their colleagues.
  2. Needs improvement- Their communication with their seniors is good, but they do not communicate well with their subordinates.
  3. Meets requirements- Communicates with superiors and colleagues as it is expected.
  4. Exceeds requirements- Maintains a good relationship with both the superiors and the subordinates.
  5. Outstanding- Communicates effectively with colleagues and superiors.

Implementation of organization's policies

  1. Poor- Uses an autocratic approach to implement company's policies.
  2. Needs improvement- Attempts to implement organization's policies but needs to improve on timelines.
  3. Meets requirements- Involves everyone in implementing the company's policies.
  4. Exceeds requirements- They use a bottom-up approach in implementing any policy.
  5. Outstanding- High ability to implement the company's policies without arousing negative reactions.

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