Learn how to write self-appraisal comments

Self-assessment also is known as self-evaluation or self-examination is a great tool used by the employer to view how their employees see their performance. These examinations or evaluations help bridge the gap between the expectations set and the performance. They also create a channel to open communication about the goals set, available opportunities and development. The self-appraisal gives a chance to the employee to discuss the important projects completed, share new skills that they have acquired and remind their employers all the great work they have done. It is a great chance for the employee to be true to themselves by critically looking through the work that they have done.

Examples of self-appraisal comments

  • I try my best as I can to keep a positive attitude towards my job and my co-workers. I choose to come to the office daily with a smile no matter how challenging sometimes it is.
  • I try very hard to keep positive energy that helps others keep their enthusiasm.
  • I regularly congratulate and encourage others to motivate them.
  • My teamwork skills were not so good, so I opted to attend a two-day collaboration 101 training that gave me a better understanding of teamwork ideas and how to be a more efficient team player in whatever role that comes my way.
  • This past year my team worked on the main areas that were very critical to the company. The key social responsibility committee and the customer service process. Our team emerged the best in successfully completing the challenging task and doing so promptly.
  • I clearly communicate with clients to ensure the best customer service is provided. I know I have had problems with some demanding clients in the past, but it has only made me more confident in handling all types of customers.
  • I always keep my managers and co-workers well informed of my work progress. Clear communication of projects keeps everyone around me aware of what I am working on.
  • I clearly document all my assignments and projects so that others can easily understand and maybe use the same information and finding in future projects.
  • I am creative in any role that I am given - I think out of the box. I take my day to day tasks and challenge myself to see where I can make improvements.
  • I do not rely on old conventional methods to solve the problems I face each day. I look at each of the problems with a fresh perspective.