Learn how you can write the best employee of the year award speech with sample

Employee of the year award speech sample

Receiving the employee of the year award is the dream of most employees. It brings joy and prospects good things in one’s career development. If you are honored with this award, the audience will expect an employee of the year award speech. How do you make sure that your speech is catchy and memorable? A few ideas will enable you to craft a speech that will certainly entertain your audience while leaving you feeling good about yourself.

How to build an interesting award speech

Show gratitude

Start by appreciating those people who have made it possible for you to work comfortably. Include your colleagues and management.

Appreciate accomplishments

Next, you should recognize the achievements of others. This will depict you as a humble individual. Although one employee wins the employee of the year award, others have made noteworthy achievements throughout the year.

Touch on the mission of the company

Now talk about the company’s mission and the activities set for the year managed to meet the mission. This is the time to recognize the strengths of your organization and to sell it to your audience. Identify key phrases in the mission statement and explain certain programs and initiatives, which are geared towards the achievement of the company’s mission.

Complete your speech with motivation

Let your audience know that you are looking forward to the next year and recognize the goals and programs of which you are excited. Thank the audience and wish them a great new year.

Employee of the year award speech sample

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen!

I am grateful for receiving the employee of the year award. I thank the jury for finding me worthy to receive this esteemed award. I cannot forget the support that has been offered to me by my colleagues and my supervisors. They have accorded me a good working environment, and while this award is addressed to me, their efforts in making this possible should not go unrecognized.

I also recognize the accomplishments of my colleagues, who have not been awarded but have contributed immensely to the growth of this company over the year. I do agree that every other employee would have been worthy of this recognition.

Since I became an employee of this company, I have driven my motivation from the mission statement, which requires that customers be accorded quality services. Over the year, the company has unfolded various initiatives to meet their mission.

I look forward to the next year. Thank you for being a part of this occasion, and I wish you an exciting new year.

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