Check out the performance review questions to evaluate the growth of the staff.

Top 30 employee performance feedback questions

Employee feedback is paramount to the growth of both the employee and the business. The performance evaluations are to help the employee gain new insights into their personal development and the company as well. Negative areas that resurface should be addressed in a constructive way to encourage the employee to grow from their mistakes. To get good feedback, invest in friendly questions that the employee can answer with ease and openness.

Employee performance feedback questions

Job position

Do the staff know and understand the company's goals, vision, and strategy?  Do they know and understand their personal role in this business?  What are their personal and professional goals?


What motivates them to come to work daily?  What are some of the things that demotivate them about their current position?  Do they understand why the company has set the processes and practices in place?  Would they like to see anything changed in these processes and practices to be more friendly?  Are they motivated to form relationships with their fellow workers? 


What is the one thing they are efficient at?  Are they consistent in their daily work?  Do they have a teachable spirit that is interested in continuously improving?  Are there are any areas they would want to improve in and what help do they require?

Problem solving

Are they good at efficiently solving problems?  What skills have they demonstrated in solving problems and getting workable solutions?  What areas do you feel they fail in problem-solving and what help would they require?


What leadership skills do they exhibit in the role that they play in their positions?  Are there any areas they have positively contributed through their leadership skills?  How can they improve their leadership skills?

Interpersonal skills

Do they demonstrate interpersonal skills among themselves?  Would you recommend an improvement in the employee's interpersonal relationship?  Is it easy for them to work together as a team?


Are they able to work under minimal or no supervision at all?  Are they self-sufficient and dependable?  Are they able to view the situation and make decisions without being asked to?  Do they give 100% to their jobs with or without supervision?


What are their strengths that they exercise in their roles?  What is one thing that can help them become more effective in reaching their goals?  What is the one thing they should improve in?  What is the one thing you can do to support them in their roles?

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