Find out how to give feedback among co-workers

Writing feedback for a colleague. Sample review form

Colleague feedback is a paramount aspect that should be input as part of the performance management system. This process encourages staff to remain open with one another and ensures growth in the company as well. The organization uses this feedback to build upon an authentic relationship with all the employees helping them become better in areas they need to improve and appreciating areas that they have excelled in.

Samples of Colleague feedback

Employees should be advised to use proper tone and language when giving feedback to avoid attacking a fellow employee. No matter how involved a certain employee is or how bad they are, it is important to say it in the most friendly way to bring a sense of positive influence to this particular employee.

Samples of effective co-worker comments include:

  • You matter to our team, highly professional and focused on your work. Despite the challenging deadlines and project implementation, you still go ahead and maintain a very positive attitude. No matter how tough some of the projects are, you respond well without anger or frustration. What stands out to you in every project is your attitude towards excellence. You even stay late working to ensure we deliver on time without fail. In your free time, I see you learning new things to improve yourself or helping others settle a problem. Keep it up.
  • It is very clear you are driven by motivation in every work that you do. You are always very clear about what you want and are doing in your department. The staff would benefit more if you paid more attention to the delivery of your work and the tone of voice you use for your comments. When you are assigning a duty, it sometimes comes out as a harsh directive that puts off other employees or scares them away. Instead, choose to use a tone that is friendly and will not scare people away. 
  • You do your work well, but you have a problem accepting constructive criticism, as you take it as a personal attack. It is important to learn that people are only trying to help you and not attacking you. However, your work is excellent, and you have the ability to become better than you are. Take the initiative to work on your attitude and you will be shocked at how everything will align itself quickly.

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