Retaining employees is not an easy task, yet every business cannot afford to keep hiring. It is, therefore, a company's responsibility to ensure they treat their employees well both to motivate and retain them for a longer period. One of the most useful ways companies use to maximize productivity and performance is by maximizing on employee's commitment and motivation.

Examples of employee retention quote

  • Leaders are the key motivators for their employees, if they lack motivation, they are failing their employees.
  • Employee retention starts with great onboarding.
  • Initiate the preservation process when the person is still in love with the place not when they are fed up and ready to leave.
  • Managers and supervisors should learn to appreciate more than criticize, you will thank yourself later.
  • People work for money, but recognition and praise come along with it.
  • You don't build a business; your job is to develop individuals who in turn does your business.
  • The simplest way to stop your employees from leaving is to develop a plan to make them stay.
  • No matter who you are you yearn for attention - employees are no different.
  • Appreciation and encouragement are two great ways to develop a man into anything.
  • Brains just like the hearts love recognition.
  • Money though important can never buy an employee's loyalty.
  • Recognition is a high value for every employee; that's why they leave if they feel unrecognized.
  • Happy employees mean happy customers and profit growth.
  • Do not only show concern about their work life but their overall life, that's the only way to keep them happy.
  • Strike a balance between recruiting and retention and you will retain a happy workforce.Success is sweet but even more delicious with a satisfied workforce.
  • Treat your employees with the same respect they give you; they will enjoy working with you.
  • If you want to treat your employees well, recognize their efforts and help them in their weaknesses.
  • If you are out to win the hearts of your staff just establish values and get into the habit of rewarding them.
  • It takes a lot of time and energy to build a great employee and only a second to lose one.
  • Do not expect your employees to exceed the expectations of your customers if you do not exceed your's as the management.
  • Make the other person feel important and do it with a sincere heart.
  • When you appreciate your employees, they will reciprocate it a thousand times.
  • We all need help in achieving our set goals including your employees.
  • Many employees take a job for the pay, but they leave for recognition.
  • If a leader does not inspire his team, they will expire.

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