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Employee Recognition Letter

Employee recognition is well worth the time and the money you put into it. This letter is the only tool that makes the employees feel right about themselves, the goals accomplished and the company. Recognition may involve gifts in many forms or awards or recognition letters that encouraged the workers to keep doing it. Unlike the awards, the letters give a personal touch as words are known to do amazing soul healing. When an employee's soul prospers you can rest assured they will be incredible productivity in the workplace. An outstanding recognition letter should be simple and straightforward; it should recognize and appreciate the different staff's contribution. You can add to a gift hamper or a salary increment to the recognition letter making the employee glad. 

A sample of the employee recognition letter

Hanna Rooney,
94 North Prince St.
Clifton Park, NY 12065

August 12, 2015

Bob Collymore,
Highlands Water Ltd
7811 North Market St.
Ballston Spa, NY 12020

REF: Appreciation for work well done

Dear Ms. Rooney,

On behalf of the Highlands Water Ltd, I take this chance to appreciate you and your entire team for the efforts and good work that you have sincerely done in the last six months. I have been notified that you and your team put much effort in place to finish up all the projects and promptly.

I take this chance to recognize you as the team leader - the time you took to train and equip this team is immeasurable. You also worked for extended hours sometimes even after work hours. I recognized your perseverance when we kept adding new members to your team even after you had already started out the training.

By the end of the project, we noted that all your team members were highly qualified with skills you patiently instilled in them that they are now heads of different projects. You are a true example of a leader who takes up the position of a servant and leads from example; surely we can see your fruit displaying your excellence in the field.

As the company recognizes you today, you receive a higher position of an operations manager and of course a higher salary effective from 1st October 2015. A complete guide and contract for the new post will be emailed to you soon.

You are free to contact me with any concerns or clarifications you may require.


Bob Collymore
Senior HR Officer.
Highlands Water Ltd

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