Get familiar with some of the employee summary comments on appraisal you can use.

Top 35 employee summary comments on appraisal

To perform successful appraisals, employers need to learn the art of words. In any appraisal, the goal should be to inform the employee about the areas in which they are performing well and those, which they need to improve. The feedback then should be well designed to inform, encourage and motivate. Below are some examples of employee summary comments on appraisal you can use:


  1. Organizes and expresses ideas in an articulate manner.
  2. Has excellent oral and written communication skills which she uses to communicate effectively to colleagues, management and clients.
  3. Demonstrates a great ability in communicating complex subjects.
  4. Makes a little effort to listen to feedback from colleagues, which helps in enhancing his performance.
  5. Asks for assistance when faced with challenges.

Management of employee

  1. Depicts exceptional leadership skills that she has portrayed in managing teams and successfully completed projects.
  2. Demonstrates an amazing leadership style that encourages input from his followers.
  3. Makes sure employees understand their performance expectations and goals which have lead to overall improved performance.
  4. Works closely with employees to manage their performance issues.
  5. Fails to communicate changes to employees effectively leading to conflicts and misunderstandings.

Creativity and innovativeness

  1. Shows a high need of learning new skills and ideas, which has nurtured her creativity.
  2. Handles unfamiliar tasks without hesitance. The challenges have enabled her to improve her job skills.
  3. Is able to work alone to learn new skills.
  4. Embraces new ideas without hesitating and promotes innovativeness in the organization.
  5. Is reluctant to venture into new things which hampers him from growing his career.


  1. Volunteers to work on tasks that are considered complex by others.
  2. Works alone to solve challenging assignments.
  3. Does not hesitate to take more responsibilities.
  4. Demonstrates a little effort of taking extra tasks.
  5. Complete assigned tasks in time but does not inform the supervisor.

Customer focus

  1. Responds to clients/customers in time.
  2. Communicates to customers effectively to establish if they are satisfied.
  3. Gives customers individual attention.
  4. Fails to conduct follow up on sales leads.
  5. Demonstrates a deep knowledge of company’s products to the customers.

Building team environment

  1. Builds an environment that motivates others to work together in a team.
  2. Listens to team members.
  3. Ensures that all team members understand their individual roles and strives to identify and offer solutions to any obstacles.
  4. Creates an environment where team members feel uncomfortable to express their views.
  5. Shares information with the teammates accordingly.

Career training and development

  1. Shows a high urge to learn new skills.
  2. Has taken a few courses to develop work skills.
  3. Utilizes the knowledge and skills gathered from training provided by the company effectively.
  4. Participates accordingly in company’s seminars and training forums.
  5. Seems comfortable with their qualifications and shuns any learning opportunity.

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