Employee performance appraisal is meant to benefit both the employee and employer by gaining a new understanding of areas that the employee handles every day. The employee gets the chance to see what he works on towards the building of the company while the employer gets a chance to evaluate the growth that particular employee has contributed.

Constructive questions used in Performance evaluation

The answers to these issues are either satisfactory, excellent, superior, Needs Improvement or Unsatisfactory.

Job Knowledge

  • Fully understands your position?
  • Able to strictly follow verbal or written instructions?
  • Follow the required procedures?
  • Able to perform work without any detailed instructions?
  • Show improvement on repeated tasks?
  • Capable of training others?
  • Use proper methods and tools required to finish tasks?


  • Delivers accurate and precise work?
  • Displays thoroughness and completeness in your work?
  • Able to recognize and point out faulty workmanship?
  • Takes proper care of the equipment under your care?


  • Receives constructive criticism without holding grudges?
  • Deals calmly with other employees or customers?
  • Responsible for your department?


  • Communicates and relates well both with fellow workers and management?
  • Relates and communicates with your juniors and external customers?
  • Communicates on the phone to all the customers?
  • Communicates promptly and efficiently through emails?


  • Organizes and performs your work in a timely professional way?
  • Plans and organizes activities under your care?
  • The amount of work you complete daily?
  • Effectively utilizes your time?
  • Makes the right and practical decision about your position?
  • Reliability when it comes to punctuality and attendance?


  • Willingly take tasks designated upon you?
  • Gladly take tasks that are not directly assigned to you?


  • Assumes additional responsibilities when required?
  • Did meet set deadlines?
  • Perform your duties under pressure?
  • Puts in extra time and effort?
  • Appropriately prioritizes tasks?
  • Seeks out new assignments when finished with the old ones?
  • Perform assigned tasks without supervision?
  • Determines what needs to be done without being told?
  • Gives your best of your ability even with minimal tools?
  • Identifies and corrects errors noted during the work process.


  • Always on work daily?
  • Calls to explain absence?
  • Observes time on the agreed breaks?
  • Starts and finishes your day as per the schedule?

Work Habits

  • Always maintain a neat and orderly desk?
  • Always files your paperwork and keeps it properly arranged?


  • Your personal hygiene?
  • Always neat and presentable?
  • Dress appropriately for the office?


  • Works well with supervisors and subordinates?
  • Sets an example through a positive and supportive attitude?
  • Promotes teamwork in your department?
  • Managing Change and Improvement
  • Adapting to necessary change?
  • Effectiveness insignificant change?
  • Identifying new methods and generating improvement?
  • Adapting to new managers?
  • Welcoming to new employees?
  • Adjusting to new location and positions?
  • Welcoming to new ideas?

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