Results Orientation: Use these examples for setting employee performance goals. Help your employees master this skill with 5 fresh ideas that drive change.

Results Orientation is knowing and focusing on outstanding results and working hard to achieve them because they are significant.

Results Orientation: Set Goals for your Employees. Here are some examples:

  • Anticipate, identify, and effectively deal with problems and risks; plan for contingencies to deal with unexpected challenges
  • Learn how to identify the expected projects or goals results without the need for management's input
  • See the big picture on personal and company goals in order to work hard to achieve success
  • Constantly communicate own plans to achieve goals and desire for results within the assigned work tasks
  • Proactively look for ways to improve the team and own role within the team
  • Set challenging yet achievable goals and develop standards against which one will measure own behavior and performance
  • Focus on high-priority actions and try as much as possible not to get distracted by low-priority actions
  • Develop a plan for execution and a sense of urgency with the team members in order to garner commitment to complete tasks
  • Give priority to achieving results for the department or company but make sure that it does not conflict with own goals or agenda
  • Focus oneself and team members on critical activities that yield a great impact on the company

Results Orientation: Improve and master this core skill with these ideas

  • Set clear goals - Setting clear and accurate goals is the very first step you need to follow in meeting your targets. Your employer requires knowing the exact plan you have in achieving your goals. As you set these goals, you will get the help of the company who will make his expectations clear right from the beginning - only write down what you want to accomplish. If these expectations are not made clear from the outset, the employee is bound to experience confusion in mind wondering what plan will bring the required results. The laying down of expectations helps the employee perform well enough to meet or even exceed the expectations and respond to their goals.
  • Provide resources and tools - Proper technology is highly critical for all businesses whether big or small. Improving your productivity and efficiency asks for an adequate supply of the resources and tools. Furnishing your employees with the right tools and resources motivates them to work at their level best. As an employer, setting clear goals works for hand in hand with providing the right tools for the job if you require results. The desired results will trickle in without problems once the employees are duly provided for.
  • Improve communication - Unnecessary exchange in the workplace is only time wasted. Communication is highly effective in the workplace because it is how relevant information is passed on from one employee to another or from the management. Enhancing effective communication in the workplace calls for new systems put in place to monitor and allow easy passage of information from one party to the other. Effective communication results in growth and maturity of the employees as well profitability of the business as a whole. It also encourages results oriented work culture that is highly critical of any business. No one sets up a business with failure in mind!
  • Invest in rewarding as well as punishment - the most important aspect in motivating employees is using rewards. While rewarding works for the workers who are giving their level best, those that are not doing anything for the company requires some form of punishment. If an employee fails to complete the assigned work or strictly follow the measures out in place, then punishment to reprimand him should be used. Both the rewarding and punishment methods will set a clear example to the employees who work hard and those who waste time. Remember, nothing motivates employees more than a chance to earn a bonus for work well done.
  • Go for it - Taking one step at a time is ideal for your job but taking too long in accomplishing what you have planned might not be as active as you want. When implementing your business culture, you cannot take chances at all. The impact on the future of your business depends on a result oriented culture that you work on today without fear. If you want to develop a results oriented culture, go for it and do it all in one. Don't take half measures thinking it's minimizing any possible risks that could be associated with it.

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