Keep track of your employee development using this employee development form.

Sample employee development form

Employee development is essential for any organization since it enhances the skills and knowledge of employees which in turn increases their output. Both the employee and employer take the initiative of employee development. The employee should yearn to learn more so that they can grow in their career and as an individual while the employer should provide the resources required. Therefore, the employer supports the employee to enhance skills and learn new things by training, coaching, teaching, mentoring, and counseling while providing avenues for applying what is learned.

However, documentation is needed to keep a record of employee development goals using an employee development form. While organizations may have forms that are not structured the same, they tend to contain similar content such as details of the employee and supervisor, development goals to be achieved and when.

In most organizations, it is a requirement that the forms should be filled at the beginning of a performance year.

Contents of an employee development form

Company details. The employee development form should bear the name of the company. It can also have a logo or the company letterhead.

Employee details. This is the name, position or title and department of the employee whose development plan is being prepared.

Supervisor details. The name and position of the manager or supervisor working with the employee in achieving developmental goals.

Goals. The section has goals for the employee to succeed in the current role, short term, and long term career goals. It should be filled with the employee and the supervisor.

Developmental objectives. The section outlines what the employee should learn in the year towards achieving the set goals.

Developmental activities. This comprises of training or activities that the employee will undertake to meet the goals. It may be training on the job, taking a course, online training or various activities and training combined. Information on the target dates when the activity is to be done should be included.

Notes and signature. The notes section is where anything else not included in the form should be noted. After discussing the development plan, the employee and the supervisor should sign the form.

Sample employee development form

Company Name /Logo/ Letterhead


Employee Name

Supervisor Name





Goals to successfully perform in the current role

Short term goals 2-3 years

Long term goals of above 3 years

Development objectives. What to do this year to achieve the goals.

Developmental Activities.

Date to be done


Employee’s Signature/Date

Supervisor’s Signature/Date


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