Learn more about the skills that you need to be a nurse to perform your roles effectively.

6 vital skills needed to be a nurse

A nurse is in charge of managing patients from different backgrounds suffering from different health conditions. Managing patient’s life is a very delicate affair, and as a nurse, you need to be very alert at all times. It makes the whole profession to be a very crucial one. To be a good nurse then you will have to hone the following skills, attention to detail, communication skill, critical thinking, compassion, adaptability and ethics.

Attention to Detail

You will be dealing with lives, and any wrong act can lead to irreparable damages. You will be given instructions by the doctors every now and again, and it is imperative for you to be attentive and do everything correctly. For instance, one wrong injection can lead to either the patient dying or developing other severe conditions.

Communication skill

Since you will be interacting with the doctors and the families of the patient, you need to perfect the way you communicate. You ought to ensure that when engaging them in any conversation you use the correct facial expression, correct tonal variation, good grammar, be audible and clear. When communicating to patients ensure that you speak in a low and polite tone and not harsh and very inappropriate facial expressions and gestures.

Critical Thinking

As a nurse, you will be faced with numerous occasions where you will be required to makes decisions. You will be required to use your critical thinking abilities to make the right choices. With proper critical thinking skill, you will be better placed to ensure that you analyze situations first before making the next step. This will eliminate the issue of making costly medical blunders.


Patients seek to be loved and cherished during their illness period. The best person to ensure this is you the nurse. You need to show compassion and empathy to all the patients. Treat them with care and try to make them as comfortable possible until they leave the hospital.


As a nurse, your work and roles are not fixed. You will be required to juggle between different places at the hospitals. This requires you to be very adaptable. Sometimes you will be needed to work for long hours to sort patient issues or even help reduce certain workload at the medical facility.


Every nurse worldwide adheres or rather abides by a certain code of ethics. The codes of ethics guide the nurses on how to conduct themselves while on duty. You need to understand these guidelines and ensure that you dispense your duties in an ethical and professional manner.

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