Use this example to create your own good feedback for your employees to make them feel well appreciated

Use this example of good feedback to an employee

According to Ken Blanchard, feedback is the breakfast of champions. The purpose of good positive feedback is to reinforce or encourage positive behavior that contributes to good performance. Positive comments eliminate negative behavior that detracts the employees from an excellent performance. Feedback matters and is one of the most important parts of the manager. Employees love to know how well they are doing, that's why they require feedback. Effective supervisors and managers work hard to master the art of generating feedback that the employees can attest. They have to learn also how to conduct difficult conversations and offering meaningful praise. The manager should remain focused on employee development to coaching them on how to improve on their weak areas. Effective feedback has to be specific, sincere, timely, meaningful, job-related and something that the employee can change.

Example of a good feedback to an employee

  • You work very well even under pressure
  • Your presentation skills are excellent
  • You are a dynamic speaker
  • You can manage your tea without complaints
  • You have shown ability to like a tree and branch out
  • You are passionate about what you do with a sense of urgency
  • You take leadership so well with a high sense of innovation
  • You have always kept a smile and maintained a good attitude
  • You are known to provide excellent service to both the fellow workers and the managers.
  • Your review skills are excellent, and you use them as an open communication tool.
  • You are personally committed to quality in everything you do.
  • Your attitude is everything to your job
  • You are one of the creative thinkers who we have left in our office.
  • Your dedication to see a project through is second to none
  • You have a winner's attitude.
  • You have a high level of commitment that contributes to our success.
  • Your desire and willingness fuel mutual efforts that lead to success.
  • You possess a great vision that leads others forward.
  • You have the ability to recognize and react to opportunities that results in personal and mutual success.
  • You are a great service provider who exceeds all expectations and guarantees a continued successful relationship.
  • You have the ability to accommodate even when it wasn't easy or convenient.
  • You can maintain an enjoyable, successful relationship with others.
  • You have a personal commitment to excellence that inspires others as well.
  • Your dedication outweighs every other employee
  • Most achievements in the company begin with your idea.
  • You have a high sense of innovation.
  • You are always ready, to tell the truth, and admit where you have failed.
  • You work hard and refuse to sit back and fail.


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