The task of reviewing employee performance is a delicate one since it determines the direction one's career takes. That is why using the right review phrases to describe employee performance is critical, and it should be done with care to avoid saying the wrong thing that can have detrimental effects. Phrasing the review properly can help the employee to keep up what they are doing well and to make improvements where it is required. Below are employee performance phrases that can make employee evaluations much easier.


  • Mike portrays a professional attitude towards his workplace and how he relates with colleagues
  • Jude always comes to work dressed professionally
  • Mary develops professional relationships with people who are likely to contribute to the company's growth.
  • Susan does not separate personal relationship with professional relationship with her workmates
  • Ann dresses scantly which is unprofessional


  • Jane contributes immensely to the success of her department.
  • Mark's performance exceeds the set goals
  • Jack exceeds the normal production standards
  • Ann has does not meet the set productivity target which brings the team down
  • John has not made many contributions to the department

Punctuality and attendance

  • Jake arrives to work on time and adheres to his schedule.
  • Mary attends to her schedule promptly
  • Peter meets deadlines at all times.
  • While John has been arriving on time previously, he has been coming in late in the last couple of months.
  • Although she comes to work early, Kate's lunch breaks seem to be getting longer.

Leadership style

  • Mike understands how to motivate his team to obtain superb performance
  • Despite inheriting a team in a mess, Jane turned it around to be one of the best performing team.
  • John knows how to manage his employees well and they always give him positive feedback.
  • Mark is weak in setting goals for his team and does not provide clear directions the team can achieve goals.
  • Steve supervises the employees well however he does not know how to manage them to achieve high productivity.

Team building

  • Luke makes a valuable contribution to his team.
  • Mary is always ready to help out in doing a task without worrying to whom the credit goes
  • Martha shares her ideas with the team.
  • John only focuses on his tasks but does not help struggling team members.
  • Mike does not consult other team members when performing tasks.


  • Jim possesses a positive attitude that he uses to deal with difficult situations with ease while seeing the good in people.
  • Jane has a calm personality and a positive attitude. She always carries a smile.
  • Mike sees the positives instead of focusing on the negatives.
  • Jude always sees the negative even in good situations, which may affect the team
  • Mark explodes on the slightest provocation which makes the coworkers to steer off him

Communication skills

  • John has a way of making tough to understand concepts easy to grasp
  • Jane has excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Mary effectively communicates her expectations to her staff
  • Mike needs to improve both his verbal and written communication
  • Rose needs to communicate the status of her projects more frequently


  • Abby looks for solutions outside the box instead of doing things in the old ways that do not yield results.
  • Maggie's creative personality enables her to suggest new ideas, which is an asset to the company.
  • Angie is imaginative when looking for ways to deal with obstacles
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  • Steve discourages his team to pursue creative solutions

Customer satisfaction

  • Mike listens well to customers, which help to meet their needs
  • Dennis is good at dealing with irate customers in a calm way
  • Jane scores high marks on customer satisfaction surveys
  • Lucy has difficulty in calming difficult clients and ends up sending them to her supervisor
  • Luke does not listen well to the customers

Interpersonal skills

  • Jack understands how to relate well to people, and he can strike a conversation with anyone.
  • Mary communicates well with others, and she knows how to create rapport
  • Maggie handles her relationship with co-workers well
  • Jane's strong personality makes her unapproachable
  • Mike needs to cultivate good relationships with his coworkers

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