Employee engagement interview is important to assess the employees’ commitment to the organization. However, to make it is a success, the right questions should be asked. The primary goal of this interview is to understand the engagement levels of the employees. Hence, asking the right questions can provide answers to all aspects of engagement and determine whether the employees are engaged or not. The information obtained can then be used to establish the next step a company should take to make its performance better. Let’s look at some of the engagement interview questions.

Questions related to company’s goals

Do you understand the strategic goals of the organization?

Do you know what you should do to enable the organization to meet its goals and objectives?

Is there a clear relationship between your work and the company’s goals?

How do you understand the company’s goals?

How do your work responsibilities relate to the goals of the organization?

Teamwork-related questions

Do you prefer working alone or in a team?

Are you glad to be a part of your team and how do you relate with the team members?

Does your team motivate to do your duties effectively?

Do you have teamwork skills?

What it is your perspective on teamwork?

Questions for Assessing employee capabilities

Do you possess the right knowledge and skills to manage your present position?

How much do you know the processes and operations of the organization?

Does your knowledge relate to your position?

Do you know where to go when you encounter problems at work?

Do you have additional skills that could be beneficial for your position in the company?

Employee retention questions

What opportunities for developing your career should you want beyond your current position?

What are some of the flexibilities that should you propose to ensure a work-life balance?

What talents, interests or passions might you have that we have not made leveraged on?

What type of feedback would you want to have about your job performance that we are not currently presenting you?

If you were given an opportunity to change one thing about your job, what would it be?

Questions for managerial executives

How can you improve employee engagement where open communication is not a norm?

What are some of the employee engagement activities you can adopt for your department?

What new changes can you implement in the current engagement plan of the organization?

What are best ways of engaging new employees?

How can you improve communication between executives and other employees?

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