Managers, CEOs, and supervisors need to make sure that their employees are as productive as they can be. However, it is not always an easy task. Fortunately, there are several employee engagement initiatives that they can implement to improve the productivity of their staff. Here is a list of different employee engagement initiatives ideas you can use to rejuvenate the employees.

Encouraging staff to speak up

  1. Introduce an open door policy where employees can communicate freely.
  2. Encourage round table discussions with your staff.
  3. Show the employees that their ideas are appreciated.
  4. Hold regular meetings to know what the employees think about various issues.
  5. Make sure that the employees know they can speak their mind, whether to oppose an idea or suggest an alternative.

New hires' initiatives

  1. Start engaging the new hires from the time they are hired. Introduce them to the rest of the team and make it easy for them to build relationships such as having a game night.
  2. Ensure that as managers and CEOs take part in the onboarding process.
  3. Introduce them to the company mission and vision from the start.
  4. Give the new hires an outline of the business goals and objectives.
  5. Make them understand what is expected of them from the beginning.

Ideas for improving the workforce skills

  1. Encourage employees to develop their careers.
  2. Finance training classes for employees.
  3. Allow them to participate in workshops during working hours.
  4. Accord them advice, on the way to advance their careers.
  5. Arrange for ongoing training and coaching for employees so that they can harness their skills.

Creating the best office environment

  1. Implement an office plan that encourages employee engagement such as an open plan office instead of cubicles.
  2. Improve the décor of the office to enhance the mood of the employees.
  3. Introduce comfortable furniture for the employees.
  4. Open up spaces to ensure that the office reduces stress levels.
  5. Do not be stern when dealing with employees.

Spare time for fun activities

  1. Create time within the workdays for fun activities such as paintball, bowling or scavenger hunt on a Friday afternoon.
  2. Establish fun days for employees.
  3. Introduce evening parties for all employees once in a while.
  4. Hold contests where employees compete.
  5. Introduce entertainment groups that the staff can join.

Encourage networking

  1. Encourage employees to interact with professionals from other companies.
  2. Initiate social intranet software for inside networking.
  3. Send your staff to educational talks, workshops and the like.
  4. Build teams within the organization to allow interaction among the employees.
  5. Allow them to use social networking sites.

Rewarding employees

  1. Always reward employees by merit.
  2. Make employee rewarding and appreciation a regular thing.
  3. Give cash bonuses to reward where necessary.
  4. Use gift cards to appreciate employee efforts.
  5. Be creative when rewarding employees. While cash rewards may not be turned down, a gift card, movie ticket or time off may be more valued.

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