Find some fun activities to motivate your employees.

Employee Motivation activities: Top 80 Ideas list

Sometimes employees need someone to encourage them and make them feel good about what they do. When you notice that there is minimal communication in the office, and everyone seems to have a dark face accompanied by a hunched back walk, then it's time to bring life back to your staff. Research has shown that team exercises are the best to bring the life you want to see in your workers. Newbies are the worst affected because they find it hard to associate and make new friends. The nervousness of wondering if everyone will accept them makes them very nervous and puts them under pressure. To make them feel welcome and connect with the older employees, employers plan to a day out full of activities. To the newbies, it gives them a sense of belonging and to the older ones it lights up a new fire to commit to the company again. They not only motivate but improve communication among them creating a more cohesive and productive work environment. The newbies also get to meet and make new friends.

A few of employee motivation exercises  

Concentration, Salt and pepper, Grab bag skits, Beach ball toss, Take what you need, Human knot, What makes you tick, Ideas as building blocks, The barter puzzle, Truth and lie
Use what you have, Created economy, Standard book, Geocache Adventure, Scavenger hunt, Find the common thread , Show and tell, Organizational Jenga, Mad lib mission statement, Blind drawing, What's my name, The perfect square, Watch where you step, What's on your desk, Group timeline, You get one question, Classify this, It's your problem
This is better than that, Active listening, Company concentration , Hello my name is, Telephone on paper,Problem family tree, Do the math
Penny for your thoughts, Triangulate your place, Dream trip, Being there, Circle of questions, The great egg drop, Sneak peak group, zoom, Classification game, Picture pieces game, Coin logo, The one question icebreaker activity, Two truths and a lie, Life highlights game, Paper plane contest, Plane crash, Spider web, Egg drop, Minefield, Campfire
Memory wall, Frostbite, Toxic waste, company coat of arms, Afternoon at the Races, Masterpiece murals, Salt and pepper, Community service, Marshmallow spaghetti tower
Office trivia, Back to back drawing, A shrinking vessel, Battle of the airbands, Zombie escape, Human knot, Talking in circles, Helium sticks, paintballing, Dragon balling, Win, loose or draw, Legoman, Poker tower, Being there, Circle of questions, Bonding belt


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