At the close of the year, it is important to appreciate employees. One way of rewarding your staff is by recognizing those who have performed exemplary during the year. Usually, an employee of the year trophy is awarded to the best-performing employee. It is a great way of motivating employees.

The employee of the year trophy is a recognition gift, which is given to staff at the end of the year. The award is accorded to employees who have given their best to achieve the organization?s core goals. In most companies, it is a program on its own. It is meant to be a motivation initiative for employees. The selection for the best employee goes on for the whole year. Each employee?s performance is recorded, and the best employee is chosen for the award. If you are a manager, it is important to know that the employee of the year award is not a choice but a necessity. Organizations that have implemented the initiative have been able to keep the best talents, while improving productivity.

It is a fact that meaningful ways of motivating employees can bear great fruits for an organization. To make the nominated employee feel more appreciated, you should prepare for the day of the award. You can start by placing a banner around the employee?s office. You may also attach a set of balloons and some flowers to the winner?s desk or have a card signed by other employees and executives. A public announcement or a mention in the company?s paper can go a long way to make the employee feel special and so is a plaque with the employee?s name hanged at the organization?s reception.

Types of employee of the year trophies

Trophies come in different shapes, sizes, prices and from a variety of materials. They can be made of bronze, crystal, glass, gold, crystal and acrylic. What is important is to choose a trophy that meets the needs of the organization.

Although a trophy may require spending a significant amount of company?s funds, it pays in the long run since it is a onetime investment that is rotated among the employees on a yearly basis. However, care should be taken when purchasing the trophy to spend an amount the company can afford. Due to the many types available, it is easy to choose an affordable trophy that is also appealing.

Sample speech wording

Each year, X company recognizes an employee who has excelled and is named the employee of the year. This year, the award is a gold trophy and a paid holiday gift.


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