Hardworking and loyal employees deserve appreciation to motivate them. When employees are well appreciated, it made them feel valued and enjoyed making their work performance grows very high. An employee of the year certificate is one important document showing the accomplishments, achievements and the employee's performance for the entire year. This certificate is used to recognize the skills and expertise at the same time encourage the employee to keep on with the good work.

Sample of the Employee of the year certificate

These documents come in many forms as the company may deem right to express their thanksgiving to their employees. An employee of the year certificate has five essential elements that include:

  • Name of the Organization
  • Date of Issuance
  • Validation or expiry date for the certificate
  • Name of the employee who has won the certificate
  • Comment area for the CEO of the organization.

There are many templates provided to choose from until you find the right design you would want. Below are a few samples to choose.

Sample #1

Employee of the Year Award
We recognize your outstanding performance and honor
as employee of the year
for _____________________________________________

Name: _________________ Date: ___________________

Sample #2

(Year) ____________________________
Employee of the Year
Name: _____________________________________
All appreciate your commitment to excellence.
(Name of the Organization giving the award)

Sample #3

Employee of the Year Certificate
In recognition of outstanding performance we honor
As employee of the year for
This _____________ day of _____________ year of ___________

Sample #4

(Company name) ______________________ presents
Employee of the year award
to ____________________________________(employee name)
on this day ____________________________________
Prenters name and title ______________________________

Sample #5

Employee of the Year
Employee Name ________________________________
is hereby recognized as this season's most team spirit for phenomenal participation on ____________________________________
Presented by: _________________________________________
On this day: _________________________________________

Sample #6

Employee of the Year Award
This certificate is awarded to:
___________________________________ (Employees Name)
Thank you for demonstrating the continued commitment required to achieve excellence and success. You made the difference.
Chairman ____________________ Date _____________________

Sample #7

Employee of the Year
Presented to:
_________________________________ (Employee's name)
Congratulations on your excellent effort.
Manager: __________________ Date: ___________________

Sample #8

Company's name _____________________________
Employee of the year ________________ (the year)
This certificate is awarded to
In appreciation of exceptional services and achievement.
Manager __________________ Date _____________________

Sample #9

Employee of the year
Award of Excellence is at this moment granted to
___________________________________ (Employee's name)
In recognition of ______________________________
Date ________________ Signature _______________________

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