The ability to grow in a career professionally in an organization is an attracting option for the employees. An employee career development questionnaire is essential in analyzing the roles, performance, and interest in their job responsibilities. With the survey at hand, you will determine whether the employees are getting what they deserve at work. The answers to be given by the employee will help to identify what type of program to be implemented by the manager to better the skills of the employee so that his service performance in the company may increase. Here are top question examples to include in your career development questionnaire.

Opportunities for development.

  • The organization provides opportunities that encourage me to better my services.
  • Have you adopted new strategies to improve yourself?
  • The company is quick in implement solutions that better my skills
  • The firm has a systematic program that identifies and develop employee skills.
  • The company provides opportunities to better our personal career.

Experience with the company

  • How long have you been working with the enterprise?
  • How long have you been in this department at this position?
  • Are you satisfied with your current role at your post?
  • Do the company discriminate the employees?
  • How motivated are you to see the company succeed?

Job opportunities

  • Are you happy with your current duties or you would like to change?
  • Does the manager encourage you to implement skills learn in training?
  • Are you ready to undergo training that will enhance your job skills?
  • Does the organization delegates task based on the experience?

Skills and competence

  • Do you think you qualify for the new role you choose?
  • Are you willing to enhance your skill to fit your current position?
  • Will you take higher studies if the company pays for it to better your understanding?
  • My job skills match my responsibilities.
  • What kind of profile in the firm are you looking for?

Development opportunities

  • I am satisfied with career advancement option offered to me.
  • Do the organization invest in training of employees?
  • I have the opportunities to apply my expertise and skills.
  • The firm dictates strongly on career development.
  • Are you satisfied with job opportunities provided by the company?


  • The firm has mentorship programs to better employees on their careers.
  • I receive mentorship from senior employees on career tips
  • Does the company mentorship benefit you?
  • Are you satisfied with the mentoring program?
  • Does the company mentor according to responsibilities?

Support for career advancement.

  • Employees receive regular development through workshops
  • The firm pays for personal training
  • The company emphasizes employees to seek assistance from professionals

Successions plans

  • The organization develop and select leaders within the enterprise.
  • The company position succession plan is effective.
  • What are your skills set that makes you the best candidate? 

Improvement strategies

  • What suggestion do you think will improve the company?
  • What strategies do you think the firm should implement on career development?
  • How do you believe you perform the job?

Management questions

  • The manager supports career development plans
  • The system has career training programs.
  • Managers receive professional training

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