Creativity and innovation determine the future of the company. Hence, it is important to review the employees for creativity skills, to ensure that the organization is braced for future development. However, you need to choose the appropriate comments to evaluate employees’ performance as far as creativity is concerned. Let’s look at some of the employee reviews sample comments.

Problem-solving skills

  • Henry depicts that he can give creative solutions to solve issues
  • Nellius can deal with common problems by developing new and innovative solutions
  • Harry has a high level of creativity. He can solves problems by providing innovative solutions
  • When Jane is solving problems she first analyzes the pros and cons before deciding on the best solution
  • When problems happen, John gives real time solutions.

Ability to face difficult situations

  • Angel is witty at facing difficult situations
  • Frank is hesitance when dealing with challenging circumstances
  • Heron is reluctant to deal with issues that are outside of his skill
  • Grace always avoids difficult tasks
  • James handles common tasks well, but when faced with difficult issues, he is unable to handle them.

Developing new ideas

  • Heron welcomes new ideas and he is able to transform them to solutions
  • Paula produces unique ideas in meetings
  • Ben always uses unique techniques to solve a problem. He handles every situation with a new viewpoint.
  • Eve seems to be a rigid leader. She needs to be flexible
  • Trent cannot come up with new ideals

Diverse and creative skills

  • In meetings, George always gives new and exciting ideas about the issue on the table. This means he is creative even if some people don’t think so.
  • Fred is a creative employee. When problems occur, he is the first person to provide effective solutions.
  • Harry is capable of coming up with creative ideas, but he does not know how to tap into them.
  • Nellius depicts a diversity of creative skills, which she uses in her role as a manager
  • Henry lacks creativity. He tends to propose mediocre solutions.

Using creativity in teams

  • Jude always has new viewpoints. Hence, whenever we face challenges as a team, we know that we can always turn to her.
  • Harry encourages team members to introduce new ideas and he also offers creative solutions in team projects.
  • Henry fails to welcome the innovative ideas of his teammates. He seems to derail creativity and innovation in his team.
  • Rachel does not motivate her team members to come up with solutions creatively.
  • Jennifer tends to be reluctant to develop new ideas even when her team runs out of ideas.

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