Employees are vital to the success of a company, and that is why it is important to make them feel appreciated for their service. One way of recognizing the employees is by awarding them with years of service pins. It is important for companies to know how to use this tool for their success.

Employee years of service pins show how long an employee has been in the organization, and they can be given for one year, two years, five years or any number of years that an employee has been in service depending on the company policy.

The years of service pins are part a company?s recognition program, which is aimed at boosting the employees? morale while recognizing their contribution to the organization.

How to steps for awarding the pins

Each organization should have a procedure for the issuance of employee years of service pins to make the process successful. However, there are common steps that can be applied to different organizations.

A few weeks from when the service pins are required, the human resource managers should identify employees who qualify for the award of the service pins. This should be based on the information available in the human resource department on when an employee joined the company. The employees eligible would depend on the company?s policy on when it awards the pins. Some companies award service pins after the first year and then five years after that while others award the pins after every five years. There can be varying types of pins to denote different years of service. For instance, a service pin of 5 years can be made of bronze that of 20 years made of silver and one of 30 years can be made of gold.

Once the list of the staff eligible for the service pins has been compiled, the information should be sent to the other relevant departments that may include the procuring and finance departments. These departments facilitate the ordering and payment for the service pins. Depending on the company policy, the pins may be issued to the employees on a particular day or the employees may be required to pick them from the human resource department. However, it is more appealing to have a special day when the pins are issued so that employees can take pride of their achievement in front of their peers.


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