Keep your employees inspired and motivated using these inspiring employees' quotes suitable for different occasions

Employee quotes. Top 15 examples

Employee quotes are a great way of passing different messages about handling employees and the way employees should handle themselves in workplaces. Below is a collection of top employee quotes:

Employee attitude/mindset

“Which came first: the change-ready company or the change-ready employee? Lorri Myers

“Don’t let your dreams die, while you are still alive. There is no fulfilling joy and pleasure in this world than seeing what you ever thought and dreamed comes into reality.” DJ Kyos

“Freedom is when you realize you can become what you never imagined you could become.” Richie Norton

“Don’t work too hard to the extent of exhausting your mind and destroying your body. What is the point of being wealthy without health? Work in a manner that tomorrow you will live and not just live but to enjoy for what you have worked.” DJ Kyos

Job search tips

“Don’t miss the opportunity of becoming something in life. Sometimes all you have to do is to show up.” DJ Kyos

“When unemployed weekends last seven days long.” Mokokama Mokhonoana


“Appreciation is an amazing thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Voltaire

“Instead of being criticizing people in authority and being envious of their position, be happy that what they have to do is not your responsibility. Instead of piling on complaints, thank them for what they do. Overwhelm them with encouragement and appreciation! Joyce Meyer

“By taking the time to appreciate who you are and what achievements you have made- and possibly learned by making a few mistakes, stumbles, and losses- you actually can enhance everything about you. Self-acknowledgement and appreciation are what give you the insights and awareness to move forward toward higher goals and accomplishments.” Jack Canfield


“When people invest their finances, they want a return. When people make emotional investments, they want to contribute.” Simon Sinek

“Your customers will feel the way your employees feel. If your employees don’t feel valued, neither will your customers.” Sybil F. Sterchic

“A leader needs to be authentic and to connect constantly with employees.” Jeff Immelt

“It’s about getting the best people, retaining them, nurturing a creative environment & helping to find a way to innovate.” Marissa Mayer

Employee relation

“Be accountable and your employees will hold themselves to a high standard.” David J. Greer

“An employee is the most valuable asset for an organization.” Yogesh Chauhan

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