Check out the sample and contents of an employee salary details form that you can use in your organisation..

Sample employee salary details form

An employee salary details form shows how much an employee is paid for a particular duration. It may be referred to as an employee salary sheet. It bears the name of the employee, title, department in which they work, the month being paid for and details of the salary. The salary form is given to employees when they are paid, usually at month end.

An employee salary details form helps the employee to keep track of what they are being paid. It shows the basic pay, allowances and deductions and then the net pay. An employee can also use it for opening a bank account or getting a loan. The form should be professionally done.

Since organizations have different pay structures, the salary details form may also be structured differently depending on the company needs.

Contents of an employee salary details form

Employer details.

The name of the company appears first on the employee salary details form as the header. Also, the company letterhead and logo bearing the name, address and telephone number can be the header. This helps to customize the salaries details form to a specific company.

Employee details.

These include the name of the employee, department, designation, employee code. These help in identifying the employee being paid. It should also include the duration for which the salary is being paid, whether for days or months.

Salary details.

These are the details of the salary that the employee is being paid. It comprises of basic pay, allowances and deductions. These may differ from one organization to another depending on the benefits and deductions accruing to employees.

Some of the common allowances include house rent, medical, bonus, travel and overtime. Adding basic pay to allowances results in gross pay. It is from this that the deductions are made, with the common ones being income tax, insurance, savings plan and any advance payment made in the period. Subtracting deductions from allowances results in net pay.

The amount paid and where. The net salary paid is indicated in this section. In case the amount is paid into a bank account as is common nowadays, the account number and branch are included.

Sample employee salary details form

Company name: […] Pay Advice for: [Month/Year]

Employee name: […] Department: […]

Designation: […] Payment for […] days/months


Salary and Allowances


Basic Salary

Income Tax




Advance Payment







House Rent


Gross Pay

Net Pay

Salary paid to your back account: […]

Bank Name: […] Branch: […]


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