Discover samples and content of the employee of the month certificate wording.

The employee of the month certificate is used to acknowledge the best-performing employee in the month. Its wording should be commensurate with the award and should be carefully selected. There are no hard line rules on the wording of the employee of the month certificate, and that is why companies usually use different wordings. However, similarities arise in some of the wording especially the title and the inclusion of the recipient’s name.

Some organizations choose to include the employee’s photo in the certificates to customize it. You will also find certificates with a logo and others with the full company name. The important thing is for organizations to choose the employee of the month certificate wording and design that meets fits it and its employees.

Employee of the month certificate wording sections and sample text

Title. The common wording for the title is ‘Employee of the Month’. Other titles include ‘Employee of the Month Award’ or ‘Employee of the month certificate.’ Some titles can include the name of the company giving the award or month such as ‘Max Electronics Employee of the Month’ or can be ‘March Employee of the Month’.

Presentation line. In most cases, the phrase comes after the title. Some of the phrases used are ‘awarded to’, ‘presented to,’ ‘given to,’ ‘hereby bestowed upon,’ ‘hereby awarded to.’

Name of the award recipient. The full name of the recipient appears after the presentation line.

Name or logo of the organization. While some certificates bear the company logo, others have the name of the issuing company. The name can appear at the top, after the title or after the recipient’s name. Similarly, the logo can be placed at the top, sides or the bottom.

Award’s timeframe. The month for which the certificate is awarded is placed after the name of the recipient.

Employee’s photo. An employee photo can appear on one side. It helps to customize the award to the recipient.

Signature. The signature of a senior company representative(s) appears at the bottom of the certificate.

Sample employee of the month certificate wording

Sample 1

Company Name/ Logo

Employee of the month

Presented to

Recipient name

In honor of your excellent performance

As January 2014 employee of the month

Signature. CEO […]          HRM [….]

Sample 2

Company name/logo

In recognition of

Recipient name


Employee of the month


In honor of your excellent performance


Sample 3

Employee of the month

(Company name) awards this certificate to

Recipient name

For the month of

For your outstanding performance