Find out the top 25 benefits that accrue to an employee satisfaction survey.

Employee satisfaction survey. 25 benefits to consider

Just as it is important to satisfy your customers, it is quintessential to maintain a satisfied workforce. One way of ensuring that your team is motivated is by conducting a survey to determine their satisfaction levels. What are the benefits of employee satisfaction survey benefits? Let’s learn together.

Provision of credible information

  1. Allows anonymity - Since, the respondents do not fear about being reproached later, they are more than willing to provide the required information. They express their concerns without hesitating.
  2. Assurance that the information will not be used against them - The employees are assured that any info they give, be it negative or positive will not be used against them.
  3. Pre-survey - Prior to the survey, the employees are notified of the exercise and what is expected of them. Hence, they offer useful information.
  4. Shy people and introverts can respond to the questions in an open manner than they would in one-on-one setting.
  5. The surveys are addressed to individual employees, which means that they respond with minimal influence.

Reduces employee turnover

  1. By allowing employees to express their concerns, it provides them with a platform to present the issues affecting them to you.
  2. It gives you an understanding of why some employees have been leaving.
  3. Employee satisfaction survey also informs you about how the employees perceive their job.
  4. It gives you suggestions for the changes that employees would appreciate in their workplace.
  5. The survey also helps to decrease employee’s dissatisfaction, which may lead to them leaving.

Improves employee engagement and productivity

  1. A satisfaction survey is a form of engaging employees to contribute to something, which can inform changes in the organizations.
  2. When employees understand that you care about their satisfaction, they will ensure that they do their best to give back.
  3. Satisfied employees normally depict positive attitude. This is reflected on their job as well.
  4. Having a team of satisfied and engaged employees improves the productivity of the organization.
  5. Programs that are developed to improve employee satisfaction after the survey help to improve the way employees perform their duties, leading to increased productivity.

Helps to identify motivational factors

  1. During the survey, some employee may state that recognition programs best motivate them.
  2. Others work well when compensated in the form of monetary incentives.
  3. The survey will also provide info about employees who would like to train and develop their careers.
  4. Some will use the survey to make the organization understand that they love being recognized.
  5. The survey can also tell the management about the primary drivers of motivation in the organization including promotion.

Increasing trust

  1. When employees know that their company has a policy of conducting confidential employee satisfaction surveys, they will increase their trust and confidence in the company.
  2. Employees will have more trust in the company since they know they can be listened to.
  3. The survey assures the employees of the organization’s concern about them.
  4. Surveys also build enough trust to ensure effective communication.
  5. Where there is trust, employee motivation and retention is increased.

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